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i already lost my patience once. every time it is the same thing. i say please take off you clothes for the bath. or please come up the stairs. or please get in your bed and then he runs away. today he got some ribbon and started twirling it around the room and i tried to grab it from him creating a tug of war. then he almost hit his head on something. i need to grow up. need to count to ten. i feel sooo bad about it. i get so tired i feel like bedtime is an...
Quote: Originally Posted by Ruthla Can't you do the christmas stuff during the day when he's not in meltdown mode? no kim but i hate not being able to go places in the pm. tonight jason took a nap in the car so we got to eat out. i'm going to really really try to patient tonight at bedtime. i can do it!
Quote: Originally Posted by Ruthla Or you could just waste time on MDC. yes! i need to be packing though. i packed all our clothes and that is the hard part. ds1 only has 3 pairs of socks for some reason. le sigh! i guess i will be running out for socks. i exercised just a little bit and then isaac woke up. i nursed him back down and took a shower. i hate not getting a shower so i'm glad it all worked out.
kids are napping....well ds1 is watching tv with fil. i'm going to make my bed, take a shower, and then who knows? hmm maybe i should exercise before my shower. decisions, decisions...
well i'm going to bed now. i get so tired at bedtime and lose my patient. i feel soooo bad. eventually i was able to calm down and after the baby went to sleep, i layed there and talked with ds1 until he went to sleep. that was nice. goodnight.
good evening ladies ds2 was just about to fall asleep when ds1 came running in my room to tell me something.
oooh i am soooo bad. i should be in bed. i told my son 3 hours ago that he has to go to bed b/c mommy needs sleep. i've been looking at mom's groups in the town we are moving too. I NEED SOME FRIENDS, DANGIT! we are going down next week to virginia to find a house to rent. ok i'm going to bed. i'm closing this window after i hit send. ahh warm covers.
goodnight ladies...i hope you reach your goal i'm going out of town next week. ya gonna miss me?
Quote: Originally Posted by Ruthla Friday. I have too much to do today but I hardly feel like moving. aww!
i'm eating leftover lasagna while printing out house info. i'm still not sure what we will do today. there is a park nearby... i'm doing a million loads of laundry especially b/c of that bed that got peed on last night. i feel actually rested right now. i hope it lasts throughout the day!
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