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today went pretty well we went outside during cranky hour. no timeouts, yelling, or mommy crying. always a mark of a good day haha. the baby doesn't want to go to bed but he played nicely in the bathroom while i showered. thank goodness b/c i needed one. i usually feel blue at this time of night but it is just b/c i'm tired. with the older one in bed, i can handle it though. i guess cuz he is bigger, we are a bad combo when we are both tired. if the baby goes to...
i got my lasagna done. what an accomplishment! (for me haha)
Quote: Originally Posted by JustVanessa Everyone I know who isn't working has little babies. No luck. ya know and every time my kids get sick, i get a little depressed b/c i get sleep deprived and lonely staying home. i'm keeping the hot beverages going and i have lots of fun books here. (our baby is sick too) you can order a book on amazon for cheap or ebay. last night i watched a shot of love w/ tila tequila just to get my mind off...
oh ya and my 3yo is not that sick. he is kinda bored during all this. the tv has already been on from 630 until 830 and for a little bit of sesame street so i dont want to cut it on.
you guys are slackers....we were on page 3 the baby is sick. he went down for a nap so i tried to prep a lasagna. i had just thawed 2 pounds of ORGANIC $ meat in the microwave, when he woke up. now he is back asleep in my lap. maybe i'll let him sleep an hour and then try to finish it. i dont want that meat sitting there too long. cuz theni have to heat it up again to cook it and then when we eat it. is that ok?
aww! maybe someone can drop you off something. or you can get a babysitter and go out.
i'm so sorry. hang in there.
Quote: Originally Posted by AngelaB Im ready for bed too but the kids wont be for at least an hour or more and the little one took a late nap so it might be a long night. i hate it when that happens. i'm just so miserable waiting for them to go to bed sometimes.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ruthla My 13yo fell asleep on her bed with a pen in hand and her head on her notebook. aww she is really busy huh? congrats on the weight loss. i bet you feel really motivated!
i can't tell you how many times i have gone sugar free and white flour free just to give it up after 2 weeks. today i had a sugary granola bar and tons of bread. i've been on a hot chocolate kick. maybe i should get some stevia and make my own.
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