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Quote: Originally Posted by Ruthla I was still hungry after dinner, but I just had a few raw carrots and I feel satisfied now. wow your will power is pretty awesome!
ok everyday i have the same problem. i was talking to my friend and i think i figured it out! here's the problem. my ds1 won't take a nap. then he is tired as crap and acts crazy. i was doing quiet time at the time i think he should nap, but he never does. now i'm saving quiet time for when he is just so tired he can't behave (around 4pm). that way the kids are separated. after quiet time, it will be time for dinner and bed. so far it is going much better today.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ruthla Ugh. Dinner. I still don't have food stamps because the recertification wasn't processed on time. I also haven't gotten out today because I'm home with a "sick" child. At least I have about $50 that my ex gave me last week- that really should go into the bank to prevent overdrafts, but it's going to have to stay in my wallet for groceries this week. Im sorry
oh yes but i do have to go to bed soon. the baby went to sleep at 7pm which means early wake up tomorrow. i just washed all the canning jars for this project i'm doing tomorrow for christmas presents. i just cannot get into the christmas spirit...it is sooo much work. next year i'm giving every one a gift card.
i am getting ready to read this thread. this is what i did with my older son and what i might do with my next one. i just said nee nee was "all done." kinda like when they are all done eating i say "all done" and just lay next to them in the bed. jason cried five minutes and never cried again about it. for some reason he didn't try to get out of bed. he just layed there. i keep the lights off and keep diapers and water near the bed so we don't have to get up. last...
i just got 2 of these spam texts yesterday. one was for a canadian pharmacy.
Quote: Originally Posted by ashesofyou Awwwww! How can we help? i'm just tired all the time and toward the end of the day i can barely function. i think i just need to recognize that feeling and get the kids in a baby proof space and sit and wait until they go to sleep.
Quote: Originally Posted by Aimes I havent been on in a few days. DD1 has been sick. L has improved on his sleeping so i have been getting little naps here and there. My little twin P finally is weaned off the ventilator for now and its been over 3 days! that's wonderful! i have been thinking about you/
I'm so happy.. I sent out a bunch of christmas cards with my kid's pictures on it. It was so much work and i was like WHY am i doing this?! but i got a bunch of phone calls about how HAPPY my kids look. that makes me feel so good. i can overlook the dishes and laundry that is piling up if i know they are happy. it was a good reminder does that make sense? we are having annie's frozen dinner for dinner. or is it amy's? some kinda pizza bites. then they are...
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