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Quote: Originally Posted by AngelaB I got my big ol pregnant self out on friday and shoveled the driveway and the sidewalks in front of my house! I had to go to the store and didnt want to get stuck in the driveway so I broke a sweat! It felt pretty good. awesome! i'm impressed. how far along are you by the way?
i'm not the queen of early bed times tonight. ds1 took a nap today. i took a nap. it's all good right? so it is 11pm and he is in bed wiggling around. i keep falling asleep over and over. then i'm so frustrated i put my head and my hands and say AUGH! as quietly as i can. now i'm awake and he has to go to bed by himself. it is the same struggle every day. no nap or stay up too late. oh well tomorrow is another day.
Quote: Originally Posted by ashesofyou Nichole! Good morning! You're an early riser too. How was your evening? AWESOME. i am so relaxed today. yeehaw! ready to face the world. my new resolution is to take mroe breaks. i'm on one right now
Quote: Originally Posted by ashesofyou I am an MDC early riser! Well, not really this morning, more like : I had AWFUL dreams last night. My head is still reeling! Hope everyone else got good rest though. morning!
i went to a therapist today. it felt so good to let it all out. she says i'm stressed and anxious, but not clinically depressed. i'm a little situationally depressed, but do not need medicine. i have been working hard to relax this week by taking small breaks through out the day and it has really helped. i cut a whole bunch of stuff off my to do list and that helped too. yay!!!
hi just wondering has anyone ever done one of those chinese accupressure massages in the mall? are they for real? i did one tonight. i do feel better. i just happened to be there with a few minutes to kill. but i thought it was a little uncomfortable. a little too much pressure and not enough massage!
Quote: Originally Posted by Ruthla Ugh. I really need to get out to the pharmacy, library, and supermarket, but I'm just dragging my heels today. Then when I come home I'll have to continue Shabbos preparations (I started last night.) girl that is too many places to go in one day...trust me!
It is a beautiful day on the island of sodor.
how does melatonin affect you if you end up having to wake up to deal with the kids? also i think dh has trouble falling asleep on the ship but he cannot dedicate 7-8 hours of sleep so he can't take anything. i took half a tylenol pm one night and i was able to nurse the baby and didn't roll on him or anything obviously.
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