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Quote: Originally Posted by cyrusmama I really should be readying my house for my Ils visit tomorrow, but know what? um, no what
i had to unclog the toilet the other day. ds doesn't understand that you can't put so much toilet paper. why does it take him 100 sheets of toilet paper to wipe any way? i'm showered and trying to comb my crazy hair. this is why i'm so tired all the time. my kids have been asleep 2 hours and i'm just now getting into bed. i'll probably read 2 pages and be out
haha my kids are in bed. i am the queen of early bedtimes yay! not so great at the naps and sleeping in, but you can't have it all i suppose. today was the best i felt all week. the tv was on a lot
I couldn't read and not post a
well my nap was cut short by a wiggly 3 yo haha but at least i slept a few mins.
Quote: Originally Posted by ashesofyou It would be so awesome to have snow here... but we never get the pretty kind of snow. It's either ice and sleet, or it's all mush and gross and nasty. No one here knows how to cope with the snow either... I've never seen a foot of snow, except where the wind blew it once and it was piled against the house! i know that is what makes the snow here so great! i grew up in nc and this is a total novelty. ...
Quote: Originally Posted by Ruthla Besides, I need to take frequent breaks in work due to my FMS. I can't just work for an hour straight- so I come and sit down on the puter while I'm still thinking about housework. Other people do tons of work and then come onto the computer and don't list every single thing they did. i'm working on taking more breaks. i used to go and go and go and go...and i would get so stressed.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ruthla I've been busy so far this morning you seem busy in general!
i'll confess that i've already had two cups of hot cocoa today
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