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Kitchensqueen, Thank you I will try that-   SpiderMonkey- I had no idea that the pet food grasses were fod grade!! Yea! I did not think about wheat grass or the sprouts.    I am very excited to go shopping tomorow. You ladies rock!!   Thanks again!    
My daughter has a mouse and we purchased Natural Orchard Grass for it as a treat/bedding. It is a naturally sweet high fiber treat. The problem is that I want to smell it all the time and eat it!! I think I have some deficiency but am not sure what I can supplement- any suggestions are welcomed!
Check out Alameda Pediatric Dentistry- They also have an office in Pleasanton. They actually go to school specializing in pediatrics-special needs, young adults/children. I have friends that took their autistic children there. I have also been there when children with special needs, cerebral palsey have been treated. The docs don't push you into a time crunch. If your kiddo is needing a little extra time, the providers are very aware of that/and adjust their schedules....
Hi-I am looking for a little information. I am about 7 months pregnant; I want a midwife to deliver my baby but have heard rumors that the midwifes in the East Bay do not or are not allowed to actually deliver the baby at the hospitals, that a doctor on call will come in to the room to do the delivery. Does anyone know any truth to this? It absolutely makes zero sense to me.  Can anyone recommend a midwife that delivers in the hospitals that is good?  Can anyone...
HI,    I am about 14 weeks pregnant. I was looking for a birth center in the East Bay and am not finding any. The only one I found is Sage Femm. I was expecting SF/East Bay and especially Berkeley to have a plethera of Birth Centers. Does anyone know why there is only Sage Femm? If you know of another birth center I would love the info. The other option for me (i cant deliver at my  house) is to hopfeuly find a midwife that practices at Ahlta Bates hospital. So if...
[/QUOTE] I want to talk to her, but don't know what to say to her. I don't want to upset her more, but am not even sure if she understands the gravity what happened or not! [/QUOTE] Mandy, you should talk to her, it might help you heal. But I agree with others you should follow your own path-
Thank you- I guess I honestly felt alone in what is going on in my life now. I wish none of this on anyone else but its good to know that others are facing similar problems and have good advice to offer. I sincerly appriciate it. Thank you for responding. I was in a dark place. Really, your positive energy gives me strength. I love that Mothering.Community is a strong place for anyone.
Going on 3 hours doing nothing on the computer... Searching for 3 months (really) for a new place to call home, DH on a mid life crisis and is not sure he wants to be married or a parent; although he thinks he is a good dad when he comes home on days off but doesnt want to make the smallest of connections with DD like teeth brushing-by the way- no phone calls to DD during DH working week. feeling bad, tired all the time, mad, angry, iritated. Hating myself for not being...
What is HFCS? I thought some fructose was good for you?:
Thank you for your advice. Good luck in July.
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