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I thought I'd give a much belated update for anyone out there in a similar situation.  After having two babies with mild SD, my third was 9.5 lbs and came out effortlessly  - without SD. I did push on all fours, just in case, though! 
Five hours - standing the whole time. He was posterior and stubborn! The second two were both under ten minutes - much nicer!
Thanks for keeping this thread alive! These stories are giving me more confidence in birthing my 3rd baby - due in the next couple of weeks. My first two had mild shoulder dystocia, but with position changes (Gaskin technique) and a quick-on-her-feet doctor, both were born healthy and pink and about 8.5 lbs each. The baby I'm carrying now has been measuring large for months (the others didn't) and my doctor is worried about a more severe case of SD this time. I wasn't...
zubeldia - We have a little fella named Oscar and I'm so happy we chose it for his name. We didn't tell anyone ahead of time because I knew I would get resistance, but we loved it and now that it's his name - everyone else does, too!
Take care and rest. I had spotting every time I was poked down below with anything throughout my pregnancy with DS. Some of us are bleeders. It was hard for me not to worry. I hope you can think peaceful, happy, lovely, bouncing bean thoughts. I'm sending some good vibes your way.
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