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Our pediatrician in Lafayette was Chester Ho at Arnett. He was wonderful! I think he's head of peds now, so he might be hard to get in with. Good luck!
Quote: Originally Posted by mybabysmama Will they eat lentils? My son wasn't going to eat the sloppy lentils until I made a huge deal about how messy they are and he saw the lentils (purposely) falling from my sandwich onto the plate. http://www.fatfreevegan.com/crockpot/sloppy.shtml I prefer them in tortillas rather than on a bun. Yeah, I make lentil sloppy joes all the time. It's one of the few beans he'll eat a couple bites of, still...
I'm in a rut and am tired of cooking the same things. My 5 yo is really really picky, but I usually just make him quesadillas on nights we have something he won't touch (i.e. anything w/ beans ) I have a dairy allergy, so I usually cook dairy-free and they can add cheese if they want. THey usually don't bother, except for things like bean burritos. Thanks! :
I got a message a couple days ago that that has already been removed from teh bill.
Hi! I didn't see your replies earlier. I guess I stopped checking in after my thread got buried and forgot to set it to notify me of replies. We are here in Greensboro. We were told not to live in the city, but the county was ok, btw, I think you misread my OP. But I didn't really listen to that either. I found a messageboard for local moms and asked around there. Dh looked in several neighborhoods (we REALLY liked Fisher Park, but the only decent rental house we found in...
That's sad to hear that it's gotten bad at Abington. My MIL had 4 natural Leboyer births there in the 70's/early 80's. Lights were dim, natural childbirth, and even 1 natural vaginal breech baby. So sad they've gone so far from that.
We are probably moving down to NC very very soon. Dh hasn't accepted the job yet, but I'm pretty sure he's going to. Is anyone familiar w/ Greensboro? The guy dh will be working for told dh that we probably don't want to live *in* the city b/c of the schools. But we would rather not have to get a second car and I am currently homeschooling (that could change depending on alternative/charter schools, but either way, my kids won't be going to regular public school.) He'll be...
hey, my pic's on there.
It's hard to find a doc who will do a vag birth after *1* cesarean here in Lafayette. I wish you lots of luck. I hope you find someone!
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