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Congratulations! btw, did I ever post here what my BIL said when my sister told him I was pregnant w/ #4? He said "Oh no! They're breeding an army of weird geniuses to take over the world!" Maybe we should get our kids together. ROFL!
That's abusive behavior. I suggest checking in w/ a women's shelter when you leave. THey can advise you and help you, even if you don't need to stay there.
The Sunshine Kids Monterey would probably still work for Dom, but it really depends on his torso height. I wouldn't even bother trying a Turbobooster. My 9 year old is super skinny, not broad shouldered at all, and it wasn't wide enough for him. You can buy it, and send it back if it doesn't work for him. You said the youngest is in a Wizard? Do you mean a Boulevard? I'm pretty sure Wizards weren't made anymore 2 years ago. THey switched to the Boulevard 3 years ago,...
That's really interesting, considering I refused to let ds1 watch tv before he turned 2. And for the first couple years after that, it was only videos w/ no commercials. :
Oh, and even though my midwife is unlicensed, I had an u/s during this pregnancy (obviously, if you read my sig ) and they will do any other testing you want done: GBS, GD, whatever. They also do the heel prick testing to send in after the baby is born. I peed on a stick, heard the baby's heartbeat, and had my bp and bely measured at every prenatal appointment, just like I did when I had an OB. I'm really surprised that people assume that a midwife won't be able to get...
Like I said, my midwives are unlicensed in my state, but they are both certified CPM's through NARM. The midwife I am having for this birth did not go to school, she became a midwife through apprenticeship. She has been practicing for about 30 years now and most of her clients are Amish. She is very very experienced. THe midwife I had w/ ds3 went to school for midwifery, not nursing school, though. They are both very knowledgable and have excellent stats, which they share...
I've been sure I was in labor off and on for 3 weeks now. It suck! I hope it picks up soon for both of us!
Licensing is not available in my state. I had an unlicensed CPM with my last birth and have her partner, also a CPM for this birth. THey are both very well-trained and experienced, I'm very comfortable with it.
THe 5 points are where the car seat straps are attached to the carseat from 5 points: 2 at the shoulders, 2 at each hip, and 1 at the crotch. A 3pt harness is one where they just have the 2 at the shoulder meeting at the crotch. The chest clip will likely break in a crash and isn't an integral part of the harness, except as a positioner.
I think it depends on how far you are going, how busy the roads are, how fast you'll be going, and how the child is going to be buckled in. Just sitting on the back, no seat back or seat belt? No way, not even a block at 4 years old! Has a seat back and belt, you're going on a quiet road going maybe 25mph for 1 mile, I would be ok with that, not much different from being on a bike. Busy road? Forget it!
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