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Dan Ackroyd said in an interview once that he had AS. No one knows if he was joking or no, but I would bet not. My ds talks JUST like him, it's uncanny. Darryl Hannah was for sure diagnosed as autistic as a child.
Nikola Tesla was the poster boy for AS, imo. Every single thing he did was WAY before his time, as well. He's VERY fascinating. And if you read enough about him, you'll start hating THomas Edison, who was a complete a-hole, btw.
My NT 4yo flaps more than any other kid I've ever met. No one has even mentioned it. Not his preschool teachers, not his friends or their parents, none of my friends, no one. WHy does it suddenly become a problem if and when a child is diagnosed as on the spectrum? My oldest IS diagnosed, but he doesn't flap. My youngest isn't diagnosed--yet, and he does, but not as much as my 4yo. I wouldn't redirect flapping unless it was interfering with his doing soething important....
I wash my carseat covers in the washer in cold water. Hang to dry, no dryer, though. You can't wash the harness in the washer, though. My ds has a Blue Bouquet Regent that we got from a friend. It's pretty light colored (cream and blue) and washes up well, no stains so far, and we've had lots of spills, including hot chocolate.
Wow, like someone else said, they must have some long legs! I would probably look at the Nautilus if I were you, the Frontier if you can afford it. The only thing I dislike about the Nautilus is that they haven't come out w/ any girly colors yet, which is annoying. But oh well, you can get one that matches your car upholstry and play up that they're big kid seats just like mom and dad's.
My oldest will be 9 soon, and is average height for his age. His shoulders are even with the top slots of his brother's Britax Regent, which has te tallest slots. Can you measure how tall just her torso is? Have her sit with her butt up against the wall and measure from floor to shoulder. That will give you a better idea of how long a particular harness willl last her. I *think* the Regent has 20" top harness slots. When I measure ds against the wall like I said, I get 19"...
Some of those things sound like sensory processing dysfunction related obsessions, but some of those sound like definite OCD obsessive thoughts. I have obsessive thoughts myself, and I don't think telling her that she can make these thoughts go away is helping. Because she CAN'T make the thoughts go away. That's a lot of pressure on a little girl, especially when the whole reason people need help w/ obsessive thoughts is because they CAN'T make them go away. If they could...
She's over 2 and over 30lbs, I wouldn't feel bad turning her ff either, especially if it's not all the time. I saw the Nautilus at a local store and it looked pretty nice.
The Eddie Bauer seat is a waste of money. My nephew outgrew the harness before he was even 3! Yes, he's big for his age, but he's not THAT big! (and unfortunately, my sister wouldn't listen to me and put him in a belt positioning high back booster. )
Ds1 went though 3 cheap seats before he was 4. Ds2 just recently outgrew his Britax Boulevard (and most kids fit in it longer, he has a super long torso.) THe Boulevard is being passed down to the baby I'm pregnant with, while I ended up trashing ds1's seats b/c they were so cheap and beat up by the time he was done with them. Ds2's 4 year old Boulevard still looks like new. It only has 2 years left in it before expiration, but by then ds3 will be ready to pass his down...
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