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Quote: Originally Posted by bdavis337 Train Museum Hehehe, Mark's going to flip!! You must live really near us. We're in Lafayette.
LOL. I think Liam was about the same size at a year, but now he's 2yrs 10 mos and last time he was weighed, probably 2 mos ago, he was over 34lbs. You never can tell how they're going to grow past babyhood. My older 2 were very slow to gain weight past a year, which I think is more normal, but Liam is really big. Not chubby, just BIG. He's only about an inch or 2 shorter than my short 4 year old and only 4 lbs less in weight!
Quote: Originally Posted by cognito Are you asking about a seat for Finley? I see she's only 1yo in your siggy. She would be MUCH safer RFing. Yeah, I missed that. Good call. Kids should stay rear facing until they reach the rf limit of their convertible seats. There are a lot of seats out there that rf to 35lbs now. Rf is MUCH safer than forward facing.
I would get the Regent. Yes, you will still have to get him another seat eventually, but boosters are cheaper than carseats.
.No. Ask 20 people and you'll get several different answers. Some seats are easier to install in certain vehicles, making them better for that vehicle, seats have different sizes and shapes, padding, side impact protection, etc. I do think the seats w/ more EPS foam and side impact protection are better, personally. I like Britax seats b/c they have SIP, are cushy and comfy for my kids, and are very easy to install. I've heard Sunshine Kids seats are excellent as well....
Quote: Originally Posted by paquerette I heard somewhere a long time ago (ie, I can't corroborate this) that babies and small children don't have the same kind of equilibrium we do, so that it's not really physically possible for them to get motion sickness like we do. That's definitely NOT true.
Quote: Originally Posted by 2bluefish Also trying to do some research about Jewish pioneers. Contrary to popular depiction, not all pioneers were Christian :-D When we moved here from PA, I was VERY surprised to find out that the local synagogue was founded in like 1849 or something like that. In small town Indiana. Not in Indianapolis! LOL
I spend WAY too much time on the internet. LOL. I also sew, knit, other crafty things, when I'm not cooking, doing stuff w/ the kids, or sitting my butt in front of the computer. lol
I have flapped when really excited my entire life. I don't think the average person even realizes it's weird or indicative of autism/sensory issues (it's not always autism, my dh and ds2 flap, although dh VERY rarely, and neither of them is on the spectrum.) When I was in college, I had friends tell me they thought it was so cute how I looked like I was trying to fly away when I got really excited. LOL. My point is that I really don't think there's any kind of social...
I take these and give them to my kids: http://www.nordicnaturals.com/en/Pro.../?ProdID=1413# They also make a DHA for kids, but 1 adult soft gel (half the adult dose) is equal to the children's dose in amount. They are strawberry flavored and my kids love them.
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