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My mom tells me I acted JUST LIKE my incredibly wild, probably autistic (we were told he was autistic, and then that he was "perfectly normal"--I think he has AS like ds1), climbing and jumping on and off EVERYTHING, including heights over 4 feet, ds3 when I was a toddler. I don't see him calming down anytime soon. But here I am w/ a degree in chemistry. What a child is like as a toddler/preschooler/even young school age doesn't always indicate what they'll be like as...
Quote: Originally Posted by jeca Any thoughts on this? Or a website where I can find out the crash specs on it? http://www.albeebaby.com/sa1stap65boc1.html It says the harness can be used up to 65 pounds if I'm not mistaken. I The harness isn't very tall. Your 5 year old may already be too tall for it.
Quote: Originally Posted by jeca Ok so I have been looking at all the carseats even the harnesses but it wouldn't work. I don't have $250+ per child to get them new harnessed seats. I was thinking more along the lines of $100 each and nothing in a harness fits that budget. $500 just wouldn't work right now. I think your older dd probably won't fit in a harness long enough to make it worth the extra money, unless she's short or has a short torso....
My kids LOVE riding in the trailer.
LOL cross posting
The SK Radian is a convertible, not a booster, but the others she listed are boosters. THe Sunshine Kids Monterey is another really good booster. AnAurora, I assume you meant to type Monterey, but are so used to typing Radian after Sunshine Kids, that's what you typed. LOL
When you call, ask to talk to a manager.
I have a very good friend irl who was very obese and has had homebirths. SHe is pregnant w/ her 5th after losing 100lbs (and is still obese) and no one has ever said anything about her weight being a risk factor as far as I know.
Try this site: http://www.carseat.org/Pictorial/3-Five-%20Point-np.pdf Honestly, it sounds like it was likely old enough to have been expired.
They still make seats w/ a 30lb limit? I thought they were all 33 or 35 at this point. Heck, the convertible seat I got ds1 in 2000 had a 33lb rf limit!
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