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Um, no. I would find it very bizarre to ask a grandma to babysit for pay. Usually they love to do it to spend time with their grandkids. Unless you were working full-time and she babysat full-time. In that case, maybe.
Find out. With my 3rd I was so sure it was a girl (wishful thinking) that I started buying girly things. Only a couple things on clearance, but dh said, that's it, no more, we need to find out the sex. So we did and it was another boy. I was very very disappointed, but by the time he was born, I was thrilled. I'm finding out again, just b/c I like to be prepared.
I was bragging about not being constipated last week, and now I am. I had a prenatal that gave me diarrhea. I think it had some sort of food in it that wasn't agreeing with me during that particular pregnancy. I have weird food issues that change every time I get pregnant.
I've been having round igament pain for a few weeks now. I think it started when my period was due! Doesn't that seem unfair? My midwife tells me that after you've had a few babies, when you get pregnant again, all of your inside just say "Oh, pregnant again? We know what to do!" and everything moves around much earlier than it does in your first couple pregnancies. I guess that would explain it. I'm only 6-7 weeks and I look like I'm about 4 mos pregnant!
Ours is robably going to be a boy. My dh's dad is an only child, but dh has 3 brothers, no sisters.
Keep nursing as much as you can, but I would also start supplementing. Keeping your breastfeeding relationship is not worth risking the health of your baby. Just nurse him befor eyou offer a bottle or cup, that way he'll be getting as much of your milk as possible and the formula is just to make up for the supply drop due to pregnancy. Your milk will dry up later in pregnancy (actually change to colostrum) so you will eventually need to get him on something else. And let's...
I think 3 years is ideal. It's really hard the first couple of years if you have them closer together than that. But on the up side, if you have them closer together, they are more likely to realy be able to play together. My oldest is 4 years older than my 2nd and they don't play together well very often. my 2nd and 3rd are 2 years apart, which was really really hard on me (but I had lots of other stress on top of that. Ds1 has Asperger's, and autism spectrum disorder,...
I was really squeamish, too. I told my midwife that I wanted to get out of the pool when it was time to push. WHen teh time came, she asked me if I wanted to move to the bed, and I looked at her like she was nuts and said no way. The pool was the best thing that ever happened to me. I didn't poop in it, thankfully, but the water was pretty nasty after the birth. And even then, I was so comfy holding my baby in the warm water, they had to really work to get me to move....
Well, I guess a girl would be nice for a change, but it doesn't really matter at this point.
Quote: Originally Posted by AuntLavender her comments were not. We shop at Goodwill. Occasionally a Grandma will give each of my children $1!?! We are not poor. We don't dress that bad do we? I do drive a 17yo car but it doesn't have rust or anything and I wax it and keep it running smoothly. It takes all kinds eh? Sincerely, Debra Old ladies around here always give my kids pennies or nickels. I don't think they do it b/c we look...
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