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I hear you about the pillow always being across the room...sigh. Sometimes I use a sling to help me support him in a sort of upright hold. Because you do have nipple soreness and he does grunt/strain I would maybe make an effort to use the boppy or nurse in another position where his neck is straight for a day or so, consistently, and see if belly-to-belly improves things noticeably. If your intuition tells you it's fine, then it's fine! I know I was told the same thing...
I'm not sure, but I also have large breasts and really like using a Boppy or My Breast Friend to position DB belly to belly with his mouth even with my nipple.
I guess I don't see why you wouldn't mention it if it's not a big deal? If she has questions maybe you can explain your reasoning. She might be curious instead of hostile.
Our docs don't treat unvaccinated or selectively vaccinated patients. I'm cool with that. They have the right to work (or not) with whomever they choose, and they're upfront about it so no one should be caught by surprise. It's not like they're discriminating based on something that isn't a choice (like race).
Well, formula does have corn syrup in it (or sugar, depending on the brand). That is because human milk has much more sugar per ounce than cow's milk, so it needs to have sugar added to it so that the nutritional balance will be similar to human milk. Sugar gives our babies the energy they need to grow and keep those big, calorie-burning brains supplied with energy. Our breastmilk is FULL of sugar. Cow's milk and goat's milk...not so much. I also feel that raw milk for a...
Hmm, I'm not sure. One mom I know finally started fitting into her old clothes around a year when she was down to two or three nursings a day...you've already lost 18 pounds in 3 weeks and that's pretty good! As for what your midwife said, it might be more dramatic for those of us who gained more. I gained 70 pounds and in the last 6 and a half weeks have lost 45 pounds (!) so it's definitely melting off. 18 pounds in less than a month sounds pretty fast, but I bet it...
I've read that your body "hangs on" to an extra 10-15 pounds while you're nursing, as a sort of insurance, and once you wean it comes off much more easily.
See if someone else will wear her! My partner and a few other family members have worn my baby to sleep. Saves my back and they love and care for him very much and enjoy soothing him.
You might try wearing her down to sleep or rocking her. She will be unable to roam around. At that age they can't control their impulses and in my experience they start to resist sleep quite a bit...preview of the toddler stage! Good luck!
Why compare swaddling with breastfeeding and babywearing continuously, as though they're mutually exclusive? Most mothers of new babies I know use whatever tactics work to calm their baby. Swaddling is in their toolkit along with babywearing, breastfeeding, rocking, singing... And the idea that parents want their babies not to cry for their own selfish reasons is insulting. Good parents don't like to see their infants in distress, period. That's part of what makes them...
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