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Quote: Originally Posted by Daffodil Reasoning with a 3 year old? Forget it! When my 3 year old is upset and being illogical, I try not to argue. There's no point. It's not like he's going to listen to my logic and change his mind. If he said he didn't want macaroni or to go to story time, I'd probably just say "okay." Then maybe I'd spend a few minutes trying to distract him and get him into a better mood, or maybe I'd just leave him alone to let...
Oh, though I've also heard the tactic of letting them go without clothing when it would be uncomfortable but not dangerous...basically a natural consequences kind of thing. That might be an option.
Maybe the clothing/diapers are uncomfortable on her skin? That's my only guess. I read someone say that we don't know what it feels like to be in our DC's bodies, and I try to remember that when it comes to seemingly irrational problems with certain clothes, shoes, etc. But, of course, she needs to have clothes on to go outside so... Hang in there!
Melissa and Doug stuff is great
I would never be happy if someone talked to my partner that way in front of my child. It doesn't sound like she was respectful and I would really question the behavior she is modeling. I don't think that it's a parent's job to let their care provider do "whatever they want"! I welcome feedback and direction from the people I work for. After all, they know their child best. And why was she sleeping with the boyfriend?? I don't like that either. It's not like he's...
Sometimes moving throws off relationships, especially if he associates the move with grandma. Did anyone say "aren't you happy, we're moving and now we'll be closer to grandma!" or something similar? Maybe he's resentful about that, or simply uncomfortable with her more frequent visits. I would make sure to explain why you moved and that it wasn't because of grandma. I would tell her that since the move, he's been a little more sensitive, so maybe she should be a bit...
Quote: Also wouldn't call what I witnessed "weird" it was upsetting. and it's the first time I have witnessed such a thing being done to another person in public like that. I don't see how that equates to seeing it often. Maybe she's referencing the little girl whom you saw sobbing in the office of the school...?
Maybe (if a boy) he is uncircumcised and she's not comfortable with that? I think it's weird but it seems like she's really upset at the thought of it and doesn't want to talk about it and, you know, you can't force her to tell you. I would probably let her have the child for an hour or so, close to where you are, and let her know to bring your child to you immediately if sie needs a change.
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