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I had great luck with cutting out dairy and using Aquaphor on my little one's skin. He has a lot of those rough patches and the Aquaphor is really great. He's shiny but oh well
Welcome! I've been daydreaming about pregnancy too...
My babe will only take relatively fast-flowing latex nipples. Hates everything else! Try a bunch of different bottles/nipples.
I feel totally silly now, I figured out the boppy is supposed to go around your waist...duh, me! I blame sleep deprivation! It was great on the plane trip we took, too.
I don't remember why I posted this thread...I was pretty sleepy! I started just hand expressing when I get my strong let-down and my little guy pops off and takes a break. I can get 1/2 ounce in about 15 seconds. It's enough to leave a bottle with dad and nap! YAY! So glad I figured out how to hand express and don't need to futz with the stupid pump.
Nursing my little guy in a sling right now! It's getting uncomfortable because he's 13 pounds and getting bigger by the day. I put him in by putting him facing me on the opposite shoulder of where the sling is and easing him into it, it's a modified ring sling by balboa baby. Then I sorta adjust him until he feels comfy. He moves around too. Took mostly practice more than anything else--it's not natural at all like the moby wrap. Important! To make him cozier and prop up...
Maybe something like this would help for smoothies...if you caught it in time? http://www.amazon.com/OXO-Tot-Training-Green-Ounce/dp/B0038JDUDE/ref=sr_1_62?s=baby-products&ie=UTF8&qid=1320618098&sr=1-62
Go to another hospital and tell them the baby isn't moving and hasn't been moving. That will get you an ultrasound. Keep going until you get care. Trust your intuition here--you are seeking medical care for a reason.
We actually just flew for the first time and we had a great, easy time. TSA let me wear him in a sling while walking through the metal detector, didn't even open the bag to check our pumped milk, we brought our boppy and breastfed/napped the whole time. HOWEVER, this is the smaller, simpler airport in the area. If we'd have flown out of JFK (huge, unmanageable security line) we probably would have dealt with much more stupid security theater and generally it would have...
I've been able to get more milk manually expressing, but it's messy! Anyone else pumping? Forgive me if I missed a thread! Okay, that's it. Zzzzzz.
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