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Some pretty strong claims against the AAP here...anyone have any evidence that they're fudging their numbers due to their financial backers? And who are those financial backers--crib manufacturers? Lansinoh? After all, they recommend breastfeeding, maybe they're in the pockets of Big Lanolin. And the thing about being medicated etc--let's be real, sleep deprivation can be quite serious on its own and many, many new parents are sleep-deprived. I support people doing the...
What a perfect angel! And what great parents she has, to love her so much and to bury her somewhere so beautiful.
Sometimes it helps for me to put something that smells like me next to him...often it's a cloth diaper that I put under him while I nursed him so it smells like mom/milk or a shirt of mine. Maybe it doesn't help really... I don't know. Worth a try.
I'm really sorry. Can you get help and get a nice long nap (or several?) This sounds so hard on everyone.
There is a worry about hip dysplasia with swaddling which is why I tend to swaddle the legs more loosely and feel better with swaddle mes (the leg area is more of a sac that lets them put their legs in a frog position. If you have a baby with reflux, you probably don't want them to sleep longer and have bigger meals--that's something that is put out there as a good thing in the DVD but when we were still working out DB's eating issues (he has a dairy allergy) he'd sleep a...
We use Swaddle Mes with velcro instead of a blanket because once our little guy got stronger (like two weeks old) it was way too hard to swaddle him in a blanket.
I loved it. We got the DVD in desperation a week or so after DS was born because my partner had zero baby soothing skills...it helped so much. The white noise for crying on the DVD is actually weirdly helpful for crying compared to other white noise we've tried. It's not really white noise, it's a special thing that sounds like an alien invasion! I actually agree with him about the DVD and the book both being good--the DVD actually shows him doing the techniques and it's...
When we got the swing I was super exhausted and we got a bright pepto-bismol pink one instead of the nice neutral green! I guess we really needed it...! I started the pacifier when Sam had to be under the bili lights in the hospital. I didn't feel bad for a second because it helped him so, so much. He is also a comfort nurser and I have oversupply so...yeah. The pacifier saves our lives on a regular basis. Sam often sleep in the cross cradle position, an inch from my...
You just reminded me! I SHHHHH in his ear quite a bit and with the sling, I sometimes give him a pacifier if my nipple isn't handy and he's really starting to flip out. Oh, I also swaddle him sometimes before I put him in the sling. I swaddle his legs relatively loosely but his arms tightly. We have some swaddle me swaddlers with velcro that are easy, but sometimes I just use a big blanket.
Hi, welcome! I wear him after he's eaten, been burped, and has a brand new diaper on so I don't have to take him out again anytime soon... He does the stiff-legged thing a lot, even with things that he ultimately likes! It usually turns out to be that he's still hungry, or he has gas. ESPECIALLY with gas, because he gets it out by moving his legs around until he farts. So I take him out, pat his back, burp him, bicycle his legs, offer him the breast, and then try again.
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