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If it is very important to your Brazilian family, perhaps they can help think of a solution? Maybe they know someone who would be willing to come and help--a cousin, a friend of the family, or long-time employee? Good luck!
I love all the pictures! We have extra-beautiful babies in this DDC, I think! I'm a bit jealous that some of your babies still have hair, Sam is balding like crazy! One Day Old: 4 weeks old:
I know this sounds dorky, but you are a good role model for me because I am feeling down but have been hesitating thinking something similar about things being situational...but you are so right when you say it's hard to do anything about the situation until I start feeling better. Good luck, I'll be thinking about you, and thanks.
I love babylegs! We have a huge stash including some Halloween and Christmas ones I got on sale in July The boppy...I cannot, for the life of me figure out how to make it help me with breastfeeding! It just sorta hangs around, being a bit useless.
Oh no You are definitely more persistent than I would have been. But, nursing is kinda addictive...I don't like doing it but I REALLY hate missing out on it. OAL is one of the most frustrating things for me because I often end up with a hungry, screaming baby who is about an inch from my breast but refuses to latch and gets angrier and angrier. Sigh. It's easing up a bit in the last day or so, thankfully, but it really pushes me to my limit, emotionally.
The way YOU feel is "Mother Nature" too...your body and your emotions are telling you that you need more physical space now that he is getting a little older and you are under a lot of stress. That is natural. It can be hard to balance his needs and your needs and I wish you the best of luck with whatever you try. It's clear that you're a caring, loving, and generous mother who is doing your very best.
Every night I have a few hours to sleep. I..sleep. I also shove food into my mouth and brush my teeth. Sometimes I go sit with my partner and the baby though because I miss them! Once I get up I take ten minutes to pump for next time. I tried a few nights without pumping and taking a break and I was a complete mess.
That's the witching hour. And he usually waits until I'm starting to eat to wake up again and demand to comfort nurse...sigh. I don't think I've eaten a "hot" meal while it's hot since I was pregnant. I do get frustrated too--and rush things--but we're human and we get tired, you know? I usually go for a nap of my own once I get dinner into me because by then I'm so exhausted.
Baby pants! He's always in a sling/wrap or swaddled and they're so hard to get on and off for changes. We were given so many little outfits that included pants...oh well.
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