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I'm not witch burning. Talking about your patients/clients, revealing their due date...it is extremely unprofessional to discuss someone's private medical information. Doing so in order to argue with them is really ridiculous. It doesn't make ABC look better, it makes it look much, much worse.
Some kids are both.
Incredibly unprofessional. Spend your time fixing this mess instead of chiding people who were let down by your practice.
I like mine, but might switch to someone a bit more breast-feeding positive/knowledgeable. My primary doctor there is good but I saw one of her backup doctors last night and he was old school about breastfeeding. They also wouldn't "let" me nurse during some blood draws, which is against AAP guidelines. How is everyone else liking their docs (or other providers)?
I had to block feed on the other side and pump on that side just enough to reduce discomfort. That lowered the supply on that side so it's not too engorged for db to latch. Sometimes he still refuses that breast and I have to pump it. I think in his case it was originally due to a bruise on that ear from delivery, which led to engorgement which led to a harder time latching, forceful letdown, and further refusal. Super frustrating. Good luck.
How is it going for you two?
So sorry. She is wrong, wrong, wrong and the people bullying you should be ashamed of themselves. Providers who abandon women are the ones hurting women, not you, you're just asking for help
In my experience this doesn't necessarily lead to weaning, but reverse cycling. Once they get older some babies get pickier about bottles/milk and only want it a certain way, temp, etc. I think it's because they can afford to be picky with bigger stomachs, solids, and more understanding of the fact that mom comes back at a certain time. He could feed less solids later in the day to keep your 7mo interested in that evening feeding.
Sorry, that's so rude of them. I agree that your DH should say something.
Sometimes I get pain with let down when I'm nursing on the other side from the breast that produces more. It hurts until I am nursing on that side. Because I produce much more on that side I always assumed it was engorgement but I'm not sure. Would be interested to see if anyone has any other ideas!
New Posts  All Forums: