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My DS is doing 1st grade work he LOVES http://www.ixl.com.  You can do a certain amount of practice each day for free, or you can pay a yearly fee ($79/yr) for unlimited access. With a paid membership, they will tailor it to your state's standards and email you a weekly report for you to keep track of your child's progress.  Another perk is that you have access to several grade levels in case your child is in different spots.   Hope that helps, and congrats on the...
We are doing K/1st grade with my DS (5.5)  and we use Explode the Code for Language Arts.  I think it encompasses phonics, handwriting, spelling, and grammar all in one.  It is very light and fun and my DS enjoys it! I don't think there are any real requirements for K, as PP said they are just learning letters, letters make up words, etc.
That is so cute that he is teaching his brothers!   My DD (4) was at an outdoor nature center and they had a butterfly theme that day.  DD walked over to one of the centers, picked something up and said very non-chalantly,  "Oh look, a pupa!"  That made me feel good about our decision to homeschool!  
My DD is a super-extroverted, loves to talk to anybody and everybody type kid as well.     It sounds to  me like you have her social needs taken care of.  If your family asks the ever-so-popular "What about socialization?"  question, you could always tell them about all the activities she is involved in, invite them to come along and actually see for themselves that she is socializing.  If it were my family, I would explain to them that sending her to school would...
We use and highly recommend www.ixl.com.  My DS loves it and they can work at any level they are comfortable with.  They have free practice time, but DS ended up enjoying it so much that we signed up for the membership.  Now that we are members, they keep track of his progress and send reports.
I use Google ALL.THE.TIME.  Seriously could not live without it because of all of the obscure questions!
Oh, and kgianforti, LOVE the graduation party idea!!  So cute!
Can I join in?   So we are just about to finish up Saxon K with DS and we are both really enjoying it!  I ordered Saxon 1 for next year, but may do some of it over the summer if he requests to.  We are also really liking our membership to IXL.com. We use ETC for phonics, spelling, and handwriting practice. He likes most of ETC, but is not as fond of some of the pages where he has to write a lot, so we take it very slowly (like 1-2 pages a day)   We just finished...
I never ended up finding a "sale" on Saxon, but I ended up ordering Math 1 on christianbooks.com and that is where I found the cheapest prince on the whole set.  FYI-Saxon 1 comes with 2 workbooks.
Does anyone know if/when they put their math products on sale?
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