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Busy girl that I am, I googled Trainwrecks and..why...our very own lil stroller brigade thread is on there! We's hit the big times, gals! That thread was dissected and 'commented' on by more'n a few peeps, apparently.   ...makes TWWS look like the UN..
I have another internet rule:   If a noob with 1 post count and the cutesy name 'BestestMommySusie' or similar starts posting about diapering, toddler boys' genitalia or waaay extended breastfeeding, chances are s/he's trollin ya. I see mamas here invest into these posts like they were pool-birthed yesterday.
Wait...are we talking about the beach stroller thread? That's the one I was referring to...my apologies if I am referring to your thread instead of that one.   <--- off to search for REAL stroller brigade thread  
Oh god...I *lived* for that stroller brigade thread! Hadn't had that much fun in a bajillion years over here. It was such a hot mess...even invoked Bin-Godwin's Law as I recall...   It got interestinger once I realized that the OP WASN'T trolling and it was an honest to goodness 'serious' thread.
  It's not that much of a stretch. Many people google most of their information, rather than going to a library to browse medical journals, talk to their doctors or other professionals (who don't have time for in-depth and patient explanations...mostly soundbites). To me as a new AP parent with no one else around me sharing my belief systems, this was The Place for info about all of this stuff. Many people here are fairly intelligent, and can cite studies and research til...
I personally think I have PTSD from the (newly old) MDC moderation. I like talking about it. Kind of like group therapy.
    I don't think mandated reporting of suspected child abuse is considered stalking in a court of law?   Again...not singling you out...don't know you, you seem to have a lot on your plate.    
I guess my only response to waiting2bemommy's posts are...if I have reason to suspect that a child is in danger, I am going to go to authorities to help said child. I do not assume every person posting about CPS on here is an angel who's actions have been misinterpreted by bumbling/Keystone Cop neighbours/cops/CPS workers with some grand anti-AP conspiracy theory from Da Manz. Sometimes...where there's smoke, there's fire, and when it's a child at stake...I err on the...
Too true, too true...but I have to say that I lived for the zombie "Communist Canada vs Democratic US" mudbaths. Le sigh.
I lurked there yesterday. There was snark, for sure. OTOH there was more...freedom of expression and less meanness/drama being disguised as 'crunchier than thou'. Real people talking the way real people do without the whole Stepford thing. Their snark is at least out in the open. Sure, some posters are mean, but..so are some here.   It was a wakeup call about teh internets. I was on a pay site for years - we got trollz, but they had to actually invest money to do it,...
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