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I was wondering if anyone here has read The Zodiac and the Salts of Salvation by Dr. George Carey and Inez Eudora Perry?   It was written in the early nineteen hundreds and is an extensive account and description of the 12 cell salts and how they relate to astronomy/astrology and the human anatomy. VERY interesting stuff, especially if you're interested in cell salts, or regenerative health in general.   Here's a free full...
bumping for updates or more info??
Hey mama, Look into giving your LO some probiotics, and taking some yourself. There are some great dairy free options out there. Sounds like you also may want to do some digestive enzymes, too. These may help tons! There is a bunch of helpful info in the allergy boards here on what you're going through. Hope you get some relief fast for you and your sweet babe:)
Mine is funny like that, too. LOVES plastic bags! Crazy! Don't beat yourself up too bad, mama....they'll be just fine:)   Teething neclaces are great around here. Ds loved to chew on his big sisters beaded bracelets so we got him his own, and he really likes it. I alternate between 3 as not to lose the 'newness' factor;)
A few weeks ago my 6 month old son's congestion got really bad. I (thought!) I ate very little allergy-related food. But noticed that I ate Bragg's with almost everything, had been eating wheat about once a week, and started eating tempeh about twice a week. So, I cut out soy/wheat, and maybe noticed a slight difference.   I ate a ton of almonds one day and thought I noticed a slight rash on my son's face, and his congestion was a bit worse. So I cut out almonds,...
I want to bump this up and see if there are any updates??   We are somewhat dealing with the same thing. The only issue we're having are head congestion in my 6 month old. And only when he nurses, really. Sometimes it's better than other times, he rubs his face alot. He is also teething. I hardly eat dairy at all, but have been consuming soy and wheat pretty regularly (at least once a week.) But hearing how dairy sticks in your system so long.....I wonder if those...
I am in the same boat.....come on teeth! Well hopefully it's just that, then. After months it just get so discouraging. And it seems like there is an allergy for everything under the sun these days!
I hope your babe feel better soon! It is refreshing to know it may just be the weather. He has four teeth budding right now, so maybe that is causing extra inflammation. I have tried reading about teething and congestion, but haven't really found much info about a correlation.
My poor ds has been congested for months now. I'm starting to eliminate things from my diet. I don't eat dairy or meat, and eat very little soy....but I have been eating it in moderation lately. I don't know if teething could be the culprit. He is cutting a tooth right now and it seems worse. He can hardly sleep or nurse sometimes. I am so tired, and at a loss as to what to do if it doesn't get better soon. Any suggestions, or has anyone else dealt with this?
Oh gosh, this happened to us after my ds was born a few months ago. dd (2/34) started taking an eternity to get to sleep. We cut out naps (which she really wanted anyway), and started driving down the street at night. Dh puts her in the car with an apple an hour or 2 after dinner and she's out within 5 min. Tranfers to bed and sleeps all night. Beats trying for 2 hours to get her to sleep at home, and with a 5 month old, I just can't handle it right now. I'll do this for...
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