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Hey Everybody! Fall is here bringing my favorite holidays: Halloween (I love to dress up) and Thanksgiving (a day for gratitude, who woulda thunk it?)! BUT That means that XMas crap will be everywhere before you know it...:Puke I'm still trying out how to be festive in December in a way that's meaningful but not connected to all the B.S. It may be silly, but I really miss the decorations from my childhood. Thoughts?
Thank You justmama and inkedmamajama. I really need to hear that it's worth it, that even though it's hard, it gets better. I grew up with a singlemama and watched her struggle. I always promised myself that would never be me. It's probably my worst fear. That fear coupled with the irrational hope that things would change has kept me here. I've known since I was 5 months pregnant that I should get out, but haven't summoned up the courage to face it. I love DH as a dear...
Not asking about the paperwork. Things with DH are not sustainable. I know I should leave. But I'm so overwhelmed by the idea of being a single mom. I'm afraid of the financial and logistical aspects. I'm afraid that DS will end up in daycare with strangers while I have to work. It's just all really overwhelming Any BTDT advice would be really helpful.
Quote: Originally Posted by cristeen I just wanted to pop in real quickly and let you ladies know that Avery Jadin was born today at 1:50. And in spite of all I know and all I've studied, I still begged my MW to take me to the hospital for a c/s when I hit transition (she didn't, of course). He was born about 90 minutes later, and he's beautiful! CONGRATULATIONS!!! Looks like he shares a birthday with me and Bruce Springsteen!
People say some funny dumb stuff. DH just got lectured by coworkers about how if we don't expose DS to TV, he wont "get socialized." Ummm he plays with other kids... To be mildly rude and vulgar: When confronted by unsolicited advice I often remember the old saying: "Opinions are like a**holes, everybody has one but nobody wants to hear yours."
You have my sympathies. I've been going through the same thing with DS. What I've learned so far: -the more I make a big deal about it, the more it happens. If I ignore it (look away and say nothing while I move myself out of reach) he is less likely to persist and will go longer between incidents. -positive reinforcement: let him know when he's doing the right thing, "great job petting the kitty, nice and gentle..." -it's ok to put him in a playpen or highchair or...
DS is "persistant" or "high need" or whatever you want to call it. He would not respond well to this approach although it works for some people. You know your child. Many times I have wished I could do this but I found that if I switch sides and make sure he's in a good position the soreness is bearable. Also, if I take a minute to center myself and let go of the todo list, the antsyness dissipates. And yes, I have peed while nursing many times- pulling your pants back up...
The sensations of childbirth have a physiological purpose. There are time tested 100% SAFE methods of dealing with those sensations (like position changes, accupressure, movement, water, massage, etc). Medical interventions have serious risks for mothers and babies, therefor they should be reserved for true emergencies. How's that?
Just some sympathy. In-Laws... ahhhh don't get me started. I say Lay. Down. The. Law.
Quote: Originally Posted by Serenyd I'd like to chat about biblical teaching in schools .... my son goes to a private christian school (all the private schools around here are christian) and while I like it that he is getting taught good values and learning about the bible, I Hate it that they are pushing their dogmatic christian views on him and brainwashing him ... for example "if you don't do X, you are going to burn in the everlasting damnation of...
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