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It's by Naomi Wolf, and it's *fantastic*!!!! I read it in one day it was so good. I only wish I had read books like that before I ever had kids. It's about birth choices and the problems with the "birth industry", and the changes that take place for new mothers that society seems to disregard. Great book, put it on your to-read list if you have room ;-) I know my to-read list is huge...but I keep piling more stuff on it!
I'm sure there are many people who have great hospital births, everyone is different! My problem though, was that I had been thinking I had a nice second birth, but the longer I thought about it there were many aspects that I didn't like, I didn't feel in control, I didn't feel I had a say in many things, I didn't like having to stay in the hospital (or sign out and leave without my baby!)...it was "nice", but it wasn't what I wanted. Now after reading lots of books,...
Hi guys! I'm Cheryl, here with Gage (5) and Maddie (3) while hubby does some last minute xmas shopping ;-) I'm wondering what effect the previous interventions I had will have on my homebirth (if/when we do have another - I'm an overplanner lol!) With my first, I had the triple crown of "managed labor", the internal monitoring, epidural and episiotomy. With the next I had a "natural" hospital birth (kind of an oxymoron, because I still had the monitoring and...
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