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Day 15 and some very promising spots.    ETA Day 16 (Sunday):  Spoke too soon.  She has a cluster of tiny red dots which looks more like a shingles pattern.  But not fluid filled.  And on her hip.  Will post if its pox.
We're going to expose today or tomorrow - in Middlesex Vermont, just north of Montpelier.  I'll post if we get them. Based on my experience with my older kids, it seems like the harmonica and the poxy t-shirt are the best means of transmission.
We exposed on November 4, a month ago now. Interestingly, our 17 month old had terrible terrible stomach pains right at 14 days, like I'd never seen with any of my kids -- so distressing that I took her to the doc.  He looked her over and found nothing, but I looked it up later and it turns that out that chicken pox can (very rarely) manifest that way.  If so, our 3 year old would be due to break out this week.  Gwens Mom told me about a new Chickenpox immunity group on...
Nothing!  I'll post if we get spots, but it's not looking likely right now.
We might have them -- no spots yet, but a fussy toddler,  I should know tomorrow.  But there's a definite case in Plymouth, Mass, which may be closer for some - check that discussion for details.   ETA:  We're in Middlesex Vermont, just north of Montpelier.
If we get them,it will probably be tomorrow or the next day.  I'll post either way.  I thought I saw some incipient spots tonight, but it might be wishful thinking.
Thanks to Windy, we exposed our two little ones today....and got to meet her and her cute little guy!  With any luck, we'll get at least one case in about 15 days.
I know from our school nurse that different nurses react differently in different towns.  Last year, at least, the Health Department was looking for feedback about what people were signing or crossing out.  Now, I don't know.   I just inserted a little caret in the statement adding "the health department states that" so it became, "I understand that **the health department states that** unvaccinated children are a risk..."  or whatever that language is.   My sense is...
We would love them!  We are in Middlesex and my two littlest need them.  I will PM you also.  Hoping it's not too late.
My understanding is that it may be possible to legally challenge the paperwork, depending on how it reads.  (Eg. if it is not factual.)   I'm not sure if anyone knows the exact language yet, but Vermont Coalition for Vaccine Choice might.  It would be great if we could coordinate responses for maximum impact.   Three cheers for Vermont Coalition for Vaccine Choice!   A number of members basically gave up their day jobs and lived at the state house for a couple...
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