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Hey! I haven't been around here much lately because life is NUTS!!!  But I wanted to pop in and let y'all know that Abi came home from Ethiopia in January.  We're doing well, going through transition and bonding, that phun phase that every adoptive mom of an older child will nod and say, yep, THAT, LOL.  But we're doing well, and the trip to Africa was A.MAZ.ING!  Abi is a terrific 3yo munchkin and we're delighted to have her in our family.     So for those of...
At last!  We have a court date and a travel itinerary.  We go to Ethiopia in mid-October, which puts us in December or January to bring our little girlie home!  It's later than we'd hoped but things are still moving forward, so we're excited.  :)
Court has been filed!  We should get a date next week!  It's either going to be insanely fast (courts close Aug 6th for two months) or we'll go in October.  I'm biting my nails!!!   
Congratulations on your new son! Thrilled for you!  Enjoy your babymoon and have a safe trip home.   Also praying for J.  I pray that she is comforted in her grief and that she has peace with the decision she made.
So I am not the only one who feels this?  That an adoptive parent gets an additional raised eyebrow?   My son, thankfully, has not had previous trauma, so his tantrums are "normal" (is there such a thing?).  I can imagine that additional behavior problems would be even worse as far as people second-guessing your parenting.  Hugs to you, mama!
I really appreciate all of the comments!  Linda, you're right.  He doesn't have to be a poster child for adoption!  His job is to just be a kid. :)   I have been learning not to care so much what others think, or worse, what I think others think.  This has been good for me, in a personal growth sort of way.  I can be a better mom if I can parent my children based on what is good for them, not what makes me look good to others.  I mean I tried to do that before, but...
I think you may be right about the South.  We live in the West, and nobody really cares what color you are, for the most part.  I guess I have seen a little racism, once it was comments against a Native American and once something against a Japanese student who was friends with one of the Japanese students living with us.  But overall, people are pretty laid back about race and interracial marriages etc.
We have a bi-racial son and soon will have an Ethiopian daughter as well.  I have tried to educate myself on transracial adoptive issues.  There's a Facebook group called Brown Babies, Pink Parents that has a lot of really great discussions about this.   So far in our area, we have met with no racial remarks at all.  We live in a small town, but it's racially diverse due to the University here.  Even the AA people we have talked to seem very friendly and welcoming,...
  Thanks!  I was totally funnin' with ya... wasn't offended at all and I hope I didn't come across as snarky.  The last thing I want to do is be the adoption PC police, LOL.    
I am glad to hear that things are improving too.  I sounds like you have chosen a difficult road, but those can be the most rewarding, I think.  Hang in there and give yourself a break.  you don't have to do a difficult job perfectly, just have to keep going.  (telling myself that right now too!)  :)
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