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My husband was actually shocked and horrified that "people still do that??" no fighting, end of discussion.
I'm 20 weeks. My due date is actually August 30th, but my last two I was late, so I'm saying September. I have popped out since Easter. Before that I was hardly showing, but now.... I have bought two muslin swaddling blankets and a babywearing hoodie. I really don't need anything. I'm not even setting up the crib this time because neither of my other kids ever slept in it anyways! I still have most of my birth supplies, so I'm set there. I had my ultrasound yesterday and...
Oh, the heartburn!! But, on the flip side, the day I got heartburn, the nausea and diziness magically almost disappeared! I remember now that happened my last pregnancy too. I feel so much better. I'm starting to really pop now, probably because, at nearly 20 weeks, i am finally only a lb or two below my prepregnancy weight. My ultrasound is Friday!
My first was 8-8. My second was 9-11. If i keep up this pattern this one will be 11 lbs. I have been trying to research how to not have a huge baby. To top it off, my friend has me terrified that I was an undiagnosed GD, so I have been monitori g my sugars since 6 weeks (all normal so far).i just would like a smaller baby and a shorter labour!
I'm still down about 5 lbs at 18 weeks. Totally usual for me and my hyperemesis. Last two pregnancies Ithe day after I gave birth I weighed 5lbs less than when I got pregnant. Doesn't seem to affect my babies who were 8lbs8oz and 9lbs11oz. Just sucks for momma who is feeling like crap for months and months and months.
The best part of my homebirth was that it was just another day. I felt this amazing connection to my great grandmother and grandmother and women around the world who just give birth. My daughter was present and it was just another day for her too. She had such a seamless transition into being a sister with none of the jealousy or acting out. We did celebrate with all our friends two days later and welcomed the baby and I still had my babymoon. Our midwives did all the...
Yup, still crappy here. Only it's been overshadowed by the fever, chills, aches, light sensitivity, coughing, sinus headache, etc, courtesy of my other two kids. They are better now- mama, not so much. Can't quit sneezing. Hate food.
Thanks. We have a gmc canyon. I think the radians would fit three across, but we need a new vehicle anyways. We have a Marathon and a Nautilus in there and will brobably go with another Marathon.
With this being my third, I have everything, i think. I did buy a Peekaru hoodie and I'll borrow a friend's carseat. Our big thing we need is a new vehicle that will fit all these carseats.
I will be 14 weeks on Wednesday (yes, I'm actually due August 30th, but my other babies were 4 days after due date) i still feel like crap. I even threw up yesterday. I am dizzy and light headed and not tolerating carbs. I am paranoid about gestational diabetes, even though my only risk factor was my 9lb 11 oz last baby. I think I might be feeling some movement, but nothing for sure yet. On the plus side, I have gained two of the 8 lbs I lost first trimester.
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