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My daughter was 15 months when I got pregnant with my son. He is 14.5 months and no sign of fertility. I haven't had a period since April of 2005. I caught the first PP egg by accident.
My son is Canaan ("Kay-nan"). But I really like the name Tavish.
There is a book called "I Heard the Owl Call My Name" I haven't read it in a long time, but it was very spiritual.
Hee hee, thanks guys for the compliments. I have learned a lot this year about photography. Mostly the internet and books. And I practice, practice, practice. As for my brother, sorry, but he's married. He is quite a catch though, with three older sisters who formed him into the sensitive, kind, soft spoken man that he is.
Hello! Canaan has been walking for about 6 weeks now. He signs a few words and says a few words. He loves to torture his sister and the cat. I heart him. Which is really something because it took awhile for me to come to terms with his existence. http://www.flickr.com/photos/hancockhouse/3324258048/
There are definitely new mom groups through the health clinics. They are called New Mom's network. Also, ASAC (Association for Safe Alternatives in Childbirth) has playgroups. Most heath clinics have PPD groups as well. If you can call the health clinic they will direct you to the right place, Also, the heathlink hotline has info too. 1-866-408-link Castle Downs Health Centre 10807 - Castle Downs Road Edmonton, Alberta T5X 3N7 Phone: 780-413-5787 "Main Line"...
I've breastfed 3 different times at my financial advisor's this month. I don't even think he noticed. Well, maybe he did, but he didn't even bat an eyelash.
I think it's okay. I had two miscarriages before having my daughter. Then, I got pregnant when she was 15 months old and still breastfed about 75% of her nutrients. No PPAF even. She weaned at 20 months and I gave birth 3 months later to my big healthy son.
I've nursed at every restaurant in town, practically. In fact, once my father in law was sitting directly across the table and when we left the restaurant he said "wow, she was so good, isn't she hungry?". Um...no, because I nursed her twice. He didn't even notice. The KEG here is very accomodating to breastfeeding babies.
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