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Thank you so much! I'll use your post as a starting point for my own research! Thanks for taking the time to put that together. I'm sure it took some time!
Hi mamas, Can anyone point me towards some research showing the success of vbacs for post date babies. Also, I'd like to see the research that the OB's are looking at when they decide it's not worth the risk. I know that they're scared of lawsuits etc., but the fear must be coming from somewhere! I posted another question earlier about post date vbacs. I'm nervous because I had a c-section after induction with my son at 16 days past EDD. Thank you!!
Oops. After doing some reading I realized that using the term "let go" wasn't the best choice. I know I can't be forced to do anything! Thank you! I'm so glad that this community exists![/QUOTE]
I'm early in my first trimester and am looking into my options for a VBAC provider. I worked with midwives during my first pregnancy, but since I delivered by c-section, an OB did my 6 week check up. At that point he told me that it isn't recommended to go past 1.5 weeks with subsequent pregnancies. Is this a standard recommendation from OBs? Does it differ if they are "vbac friendly?" Do CNM's working in hospitals follow the same guidelines for how long...
It could be a sign of pregnancy, or ovulation (especially if you've recently gotten your cycle back).
I like my new LLL bra. $28
Hi. I'm a breastfeeding counselor. Maybe I can help... Do you think you have a plugged duct now or are you just experiencing the sore areola? Could it be from a bad latch? Have you been pumping at all? Sometimes a badly fitting horn or suction on too high can bruise areolas. I know I've given myself some soreness from hand expressing too roughly trying to work out the the plugged duct. Just a thought... It doesn't sound like mastitis, but these would be...
It sounds normal (except 6 nursing sessions sounds a bit low...) Is she gaining weight ok? How is her behavior? Does she seem content after feeding? What about the rest of the time? As you know, a lot of babies become distractible when they begin to interact with the world around them more around 3 months. She may also be a more efficient nurser, although 6 times does seem a little low... Some moms are able to sneak in a couple of more nursing sessions in their...
The incubation period for strep throat is about 5 days so you still could pass it along...
It has crossed my mind, but I don't seem to have any signs except for pain and it's concentrated on the damaged sign. I am easily prone to vasospams and I'm wondering if part of this is a major flair up. I'll keep a look out for the signs.
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