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Dd is 3 1/2 and would be going into preschool this year and kindergarten next year if she were going to school.  I have always intended to homeschool and finally (yay!) got dh on board.  However, lovely dd is desperate to go to school.  She talks about it all the time, that when she's bigger she will go to school (all her bigger friends go to school).  We live just down the street from the school and she sees her friends come out for recess often and wants to play with...
Short Version: Isaac Anton arrived very quickly October 4th, 8lbs 5oz, 51cm long!    Long Version: Tuesday morning I woke up with what I thought was diarrhea cramps.  I had been in prodormal labour for 3 weeks and honestly I had kind of given up that we were going to have  a baby before the due date like everyone had been telling me, so I shrugged off the cramps.  They were also way to far apart for anything to be happening.  But by 8 I had kind of a thought that...
39 weeks today!  No one has expected me to make it this far, baby has been sitting way way down (like his bum is at my belly button, and I'm only 5ft 2in) for what weeks, been having prodromal labour for 3 weeks, lost my mucous plug, had my bloody show.......and here I sit sans baby.  Soon enough baby will come.  Maybe I'm annoyed because dh won't do anything on his "prebaby to do list" and if I have the baby then he would get off his bum and do it....hmmm maybe that's...
I'm right there with you ladies.  Dh and I have decided that baby is not coming.  And I totally know, I KNOW I'm not at my edd.  I've stopped telling people my edd because I don't want to hear it.  I am up at 2 1/2 weeks of prodromal...I don't get to sleep at night anymore, that's when everything happens.  Yep.  Good times.
We don't really have a girls name, but we have a boys name picked out.  Probably only because we didn't get to use it with dd.  All the girls names we come up with are really really close to dd's name and I don't want to go there.  Dh's top pick right now is Lily/Lilianna for a girl, which I'm fine with the name kinda, but its not really clicking you know?  Its a fine name and I don't mind it I just can't decide if I want to name my kid that.  I'm out of name ideas,...
I don't know what kind of stuff they have now, but I found there were awesome clothes in cool colours at H&M.  They had vibrant shirts and pants, cool prints etc.  I have a bunch from dd, I know they had some pretty cool stuff back then, but I don't live near one now.  And they're very reasonably priced.  Plus they had really good sales too.
You totally just blew my mind.  Who knew that that could happen?
From my understanding breaking the water before labour starts is a risk of the stretch and sweep, though in your case it would be just a sweep I'm pretty sure.  I'm fairly certain that the stretch part refers to the cervix.... Good luck!  Hope you have that baby soon!
Awesome story!  I've never heard of fluid exploding like that how awesome
Yeah....for like a week, every couple of days.  Sigh.  
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