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I was 120 lbs 5ft 2in prepregnancy and I am only up 3 lbs at 26 weeks.  This is just how my body acts with pregnancy, don't worry I will gain 20lbs by birth, I just pack it all on at the end. ETA - I'm not doing this on purpose, this is the exact trend I followed with dd
Dd has been pl'd for a year and is doing this.  Driving my batty!!  If I see her doing the potty dance while playing I try to get her to go but she gets mad and yells "MOMMY I BUSSSSSSSSY!"  Heck she did it today when nothing was really going on, she just did not want to go potty.  I'm trying not to turn it into a battle of wills, because I can see that that is where this is going.    
YES this! All of dd's shoes that she's outgrown from soft star still look brand new (which kinda irks me that I have to put them away) and if you don't do their design your own shoes are 30$ (design your own gets expensive).  We love love love them.
We do first names, but we really only address people we like  I always felt it silly that I had to call someone something different from everyone else, and it embarrassed me growing up.  If I'm comfortable enough with people to be calling them by their first name, dd will be too.
Well that's special....
The back to work legislation recieved royal assent last night!!  The mail will resume on tuesday!  
If we're going out, even over to someone else's house I try to start in clean clothes, with clean face/hands.  That doesn't mean she'll stay that way, but I'd rather her start with fresh if we're going out.  If we're hanging out at home I keep her as clean as she wants.  She has sensory issues with stuff on her hands, so her hands are usually spotless, but doesn't care as much about her face/clothes.  I have her wipe herself down now (she's 2 1/2).  As for hair, I brush...
For the first 6 months, dd wouldn't sleep unless I was with her, so I would bring my laptop to bed an watch movies while dd slept.  We just stopped cosleeping, but from 6 months to 2 1/2yrs I would put her down to sleep and then I would leave.  She goes to sleep at 7 so I'm not going to sleep then, unless I'm sick.
For dd, who is 2 1/2 -Bath -Daddy cuddles while mommy gets everything ready (plug in night light, get jammies etc), bed time snack -jammies -read 2 books -turn on her music, its putamayo dreamland I think (its in dd's room and she's asleep, sorry not going to verify) -rub her back for one song then kiss her good night   I'm pretty lucky in that if she didn't fall asleep while I was rubbing her back, she falls asleep pretty quick after.  We do have some...
Dd didn't really start eating until 13 months.  We did BLW, and we allowed her to have something with us at every meal.  She would teethe and experiment with things in her mouth.  She did more accidental ingestion than anything.  At 10 months she did start eating more, we introduced dairy at 10 months and she loved smearing yogurt and would lick it off her tray.  But true eating wasn't until after 1 yrs.  She also was not interested in being spoonfed.  My MIL was very...
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