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Well I"m glad to hear I'm not alone in this.  I just assumed it was abnormal because people give me the stink eye and they keep doing it.  I guess she'll outgrow it?  Right? 
Yeah this is us too!  Oh goodness.  After the aforementioned church ladies thing dd went to the door to go look for daddy.  Well all these ladies crowded around her trying to help her and making her more upset because they couldn't understand what she was saying (she talks in sentances but has really weird grammar and can be hard to understand).  I was trying to get to her but they were all too close to her for me to grab her, I finally said "LET ME HELP HER!"
You're right, the trigger to melt down is immediate, I do like the idea of saying something.  Honestly to the church ladies I just huff off, so maybe saying something would be a better idea.  I totally though understand why she would be upset, upon thinking about it further.  Its one thing to be told no (already something no one wants to be told) but if multiple people keep telling you no *I* would get irritated.  
Do you have any suggestions?  Dd is not very verbal but has high comprehension.  I honestly don't know how to address this issue with a 2 year old.
This is driving me crazy.  When dd is upset, if someone other than dh or I try to help her she moves from this moderate not really tantrum to an all out melt down.  Also if someone tries to tell her no besides me and dh she has the same melt down.  When we leave her with others, she is JUST FINE, others can say no to her or help her, its just when dh and I are around and others try to "help".   For example today we were at a store and there was a wagon that she...
Right now we're working on confidence in the water mostly.  We get on those large floaty mats and she kicks and then blows bubbles in the water that's on the mat (she doesn't like putting her face in the full depth water, but is fine in the couple of inches on the mat).  We work on floating and getting in and out of the water.  
We use these http://insectdefendpatch.com/ And while they aren't the cure all, they do help *some* I am a mosquito magnet, and I have always been.  I try not to scratch, but I wake up having scratched them in my sleep and I'm covered in blood.   Good luck!  Mosquitoes are evil.  EVIL! Oh and what about some environmental repellants like those spirals that you burn....or that candle....citronelle!  That's what its called.   ETA- I have scars from when I was...
I see absolutely no problem at all.  Our back yard isn't safe at all and doesn't have a fence otherwise I totally would do it too!  I leave dd alone in rooms of the house, but I know her and her personality.  I know that she isn't going to try anything.  She can be around open stairs, hot food and nothing in our house is child proofed, yet she won't touch anything she's not supposed to, its just her personality.  I absolutely would let her be outside by herself because I...
Subbing too 
Dh says "we're having a baby" I think "we're expecting" is kind of strange, what are you expecting?  Maybe because I don't think I've ever heard anyone actually say that irl before.  
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