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I don't think babies have "nervous bowels".  I'm glad she's better though.
Was the tick engorged?  If it wasn't, then it probably was not on you for the "magic" 24 hour time period.  Ticks freak me out!
I can not believe that someone would call CPS over that!  Gosh, that's really scary.  My kids have all gone through naked stages.  My 3 year old likes to go commando and I didn't notice until we got to her first day of preschool that she wasn't wearing anything under her dress.    I think you'll be fine.  I'll be sending you CPS woo just in case.
Texmati, You're going to be ok.  It's overwhelming, I know how you feel.  Did you ever hear back from your doc?  Sometimes I think that medications are like fabric or yarn dye lots.  Like when you buy the same exact thing that you've bought before, it doesn't match exactly in shade or color.  I don't know if that made any sense.   If you didn't get through to your doctor (midwife, prescriber...) I'd suggest calling the pharmacy and asking them.    I'm going to PM...
Did you recently refill your zoloft?  If you did, maybe it was filled wrong or has a different potency then you are used to because it is a different generic form.  I hope you can figure this out and feel better soon.  I agree with calling the midwife or doctor who prescribed it.
It's normal.
If it's a new imac, you should contact apple and get a replacement.  I have read online that there are new viruses meant to hurt apple products.  I love my macs and the apple service.
I grew up in Brookline and love that I did.  I attended the John D. Runkle School.  Fabulous!  But that was a long, long time ago.  I have heard that things have changed since then.  Well, everything everywhere has changed since then.  I loved living there.   I love visiting Brookline still. With the T all over, it's easy to get any where you need to and it's also easy to drive anywhere if you need to drive instead.   :)
There should be NO bacteria in your urinary tract. 
I find them very uncomfortable.
New Posts  All Forums: