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That is very cool to see some moms close to here!!
Hey!! I'm in Landmark so I live pretty close to Niverville
I'm in Manitoba - close to Steinbach :)
I'm mama to two girls - 9 1/2 & almost 5. I'm pregnant with our third and due around January 7th ish. We live in Alberta Canada. I'm struggling with having relocated to a small town, leaving my entire support system (friends & family) behind and having limited medical options. 
Your friend was badly misinformed. This is what Transport Canada says - http://www.tc.gc.ca/eng/roadsafety/safedrivers-childsafety-stage3-booster-seats-1086.htm  
If he can sit up in a high chair and is almost sitting up on his own, he is probably ready. Best advice I got for umbrella strollers is don't scrimp and get the cheapest one possible. If  you are tall, get one that has higher handles - it will be MUCH easier on your back. Most of them don't have baskets underneath but some have little basket type bags on the back hanging off the handles.
I agree that you'll have to decide if you will be ok with her possibly choosing Dora as she gets older. I LOVE the name Isadora though - it's beautiful! My dd1 has a 5 letter name that isn't possible to shorten to anything. My dh calls her Litltle One and Ring Ting. My dd2 name is Azaria and it's been shortened into Zar Zar and we are all ok with. Literally everyone that is involved with her life (my daycare parents, friends, family) calls her by her nickname. My mil...
My DD2 is RF in a True Fit and she is 29 months. She has no issues with being RF and she'll be RF until she's 35lbs which probably won't be for at least another year.  My DH has questioned it but once I showed him the actual facts, he backed right off. He knows this is one issue that he has no say in. I turned my DD1 FF at like 18 months because I got advice from someone who had 2 kids and "must be educated about stuff like this". I totally regret turning her so soon and...
I've tried getting him to watch Youtube videos and he seems to think that in an accident, she's safer FF. He "doesn't like" how the seat feels when it's RF. He thinks that FF is safer because the carseat is attached to the actual seat of the car by the hook in back window so the seat doesn't move side to side or rock back & forth. When it's installed RF with the seatbelt there is no give side to side and just what there should be back & forth. I haven't gotten into it...
Well apparently everything I said went in one ear & out the other. They got back home about 1/2 hour ago and she was FF again and buckled so loosely that she could lean forward in her seat waay too much that I have no doubts in the case of an accident she'd fly right out. It's just really frustrating for me that some people will look at their own convenience rather than the safety of their kids. Oh well, I'm just going to keep my mouth shut with them from now on and...
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