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hahahahahhahahahahaha   no.
Anna, would you be able to go to a food bank? I know Angel Food Ministries is a cheap food source too. Please don't listen to the people who obviously haven't really read the entire thread. You are awesome.   EDIT: It's been four days since she started watching her gluten more closely again, not four days since she's been letting her eat as much as she wants. 
I wish I had a useful suggestion, but I don't. I just want to say that I have been following this thread from the beginning, and you are an amazing mom.    Well, I guess I do have one suggestion, which you are probably already doing anyway. If it isn't too expensive for you, maybe buy already cut up vegetables so you don't have to prep so much since she eats so much? Like instead of steaming carrot sticks, just steam whole bags of baby carrots, buy cut up broccoli...
My daughter has had overnights with Grandpa starting at 18 months and she is still as obsessed with my breasts as ever.
I usually forget to bring food for my 2 year old, and end up buying her a yogurt or a banana when we're out. I should remember to bring snacks more often, it would be cheaper!
I didn't know there was a Mothering to like on FB, but I liked it now!
I am a babysitter and I always clean up. Hell, I even do all the dishes that are in the sink, sweep, fold diapers, etc! 
My 2 year old is still rear facing, and she still isn't terribly fond of the car. However, it's gotten A LOT better. If we listen to "her" music, then I don't hear a peep from her. She still cries and thrashes about half the time when I'm trying to buckle her in though. She's been turned forward facing in other people's cars occasionally because I couldn't get her seat in properly rear facing, and it doesn't make a difference. She still whines and complains to me!
Hey, we gave birth to the same child! Except replace train with baby or fairy. My 25 month old daughter is exactly the same, she's always been very high needs, moody, dramatic etc.
There are days, like today, where my 2 year old falls asleep in the car for 15 minutes and then refuses to nap for the rest of the day. I am a little frustrated and in need of a break, so I told her it was "Quiet Time" and put her in her bedroom with the door closed. No tears, she actually sounds pretty darn happy in there, and I'm hoping she kind of just falls asleep on her own. As long as there are no tears, I was thinking about getting her after an hour. Is this...
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