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Hi,   I am looking for the same thing.  I don't have any answers or info but thought you would be interested in this site and research  http://curetogether.com/blog/2012/02/15/bipolar-managed-best-without-drugs-227-patients-report/   Good Luck and let me know if you find any answers!
Okay I need a little advice here.  I am having a hayride and bonfire birthday party for my son.  So we will be out in the open with picnic tables and a fire.  My family will be the only vegan people there.  We want to keep it all vegan because we feel strongly about it.  The party is in the evening so we really do need to provide a meal.  There will be almost 40 people (really just family and some good friends) What the heck should I do? We can't just order pizza....
Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Nutty Bits........I can eat the whole bag.....which is fine cause I have six more in the cupboard
I don't see any reason not too.  A green smoothie could be healthier than many dinners could be.
We're pretty much like marsupial mom at the moment.  We are still a work in progress as we have been at this for about 6 months as well.  My older ds is used to getting chocolate milk at starbucks and mac and cheese at restaurants and I'm not at a place where I want to force him to do anything.  He is basically unaware of the change in our diet.  Anyway we do 100% vegan at home and DH and I stay vegan while we're out.  DS is lacto ovo when out.  We are homeschooling so...
Thanks everybody.  I really appreciate your replies.  It makes me feel better that it is normal for others.  I talked to my midwives again and they are totally not concerned and think this is completely normal.  I got a little bit more sleep last night so I am doing better at chilling out about it.
Hi,   I am almost 4 weeks postpartum and I am still having very bright red bleeding.  My bleeding had tapered to just a little pink spotting around day 5 pp and then at day 8 the bright red started back up.  It is not enough to soak a pad or anything like that but it is consistently bright red and has not increased or decreased and has been happening for over 2 weeks.  I keep getting told that it is because I am doing too much.  I know that that is the usual answer...
I just wanted to chime in that it does seem like people can have a problem over the simplest most common names as well so whatever. Some people will just find anything wrong with any name.  I agree with everybody and I also try to keep it a secret until they are looking at the baby and he is being announced.  It didn't work out this time because DS1 told everyone and we got some crap about it.  
I took EPO with my second and had a nice ripe cervix and was very dilated before labor started and the labor was much shorter than my first which was 40 hours) I tore but mostly because the baby had cord around his neck so the midwife pulled him out.  She said I probably would not have torn if she had been able to ease him out. I didn't take it with my first.
I like the back pack too.  It makes so much more sense!
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