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It's not as rare as you think. I'm pregnant right now, same situation -- and the doctors I told didn't sound all too shocked about it.  
I use the Kiddopotamus CozyUp through this last New England winter. It was fine, but we didn't take any long walks through the snow or anything, we were only outside between the car and the building.
He eats.
That's very sweet of you to hope, but she's back for me too.
I'm spotting too. LAME.
I never stopped wearing maternity pants after my first child. I was going to try to lose more weight, but instead got pregnant again. Now I'm lighter than I was before even the first pregnancy, but don't have any non-maternity pants that would fit me because I got rid of all but my favorite pieces (which were from even lighter days) when I moved cross-country last year. I think I have about 25 pounds to go before what I saved will fit.
I mostly have a problem when having a bowel movement, even though I'm taking stool softeners. If the baby is asleep and the toddler isn't around, I do a sitz bath. Otherwise, I'm still doing the peri bottle wash.
My two-year-old goes to a daycare that's more institutional than the home-based daycare she attended before we moved. I just call it "school" because it's easier to say and seems more accurate to me, versus what we called her previous daycare: "Tita Joy's House." Besides, the concept of school won't be so daunting when it's time for kindergarten.
I think what we have is a Facebook page, as opposed to an actual group. Is anyone else having trouble getting to the Info and Photos tabs on our page?
Congratulations! You did great.
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