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I'd like to see how to balance lessons for children of different ages please!
I'll add that we are hoping to find something that is side-wearing, so that he can appreciate the show :-)
We are taking my 4 -year old (42lbs) to a concert and are looking for a comfortable carrier. Wondering if our Ergo can handle it. Any advice is welcome! Thanks
I am 6 mos pg and my goal is to get DS (2 yrs old) to fall asleep on his own by the time #2 comes around. Is this a realistic goal?   We made excellent progress from bedsharing>crib>big boy bed>rocking to sleep>laying in bed only in just 4 months. I currently still have to lay in bed with him and rub his back in order for him to fall asleep. We tried the past 2 nights to say good night and leave him in his room for 5 minutes at a time - BIG FAIL - and I can't bear to...
I'm 6 weeks pg and I've noticed that my emotions are running higher than ever (even worse than my 1st pregnancy) and it's causing me to lose my temper more and more with my 20-month old toddler. He is really a gem and it makes me so sad and angry/guilty when I go into the tailspin of losing it with him. Mostly, I find that it's when I'm putting him down for sleep/nap. He is constantly putting his hands in my bra for comfort (weaned 4 months ago) and I find it very...
The crib can convert to a toddler bed - but I thought 20 months would be too early for that?
Hi mamas. I'm pregnant with #2 and since DS (20 months) has been socking me in the abdomen in his sleep lately, I think it's time to move him into his crib. I am a little reluctant only because he has been doing SO well with potty training, and has a dry diaper and goes potty first thing every morning. I am afraid he may regress if we try to make the transition. Should I just go for it and deal with the potty issues or wait until we are on a good routine with it before I...
have you seen House of Babies? 90% of the births on that show are water births. orgasmic birth also had mostly waterbirths. I plan to wear my bella band around my boobs, so that I'm comfortable and yet won't have a problem with pulling the boob out for the first feeding.
I plan to make my own on mypublisher.com and make a photobook of it.
what about talking about the risks of intervensions and c-section rates in the hospitals?
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