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go, Miriam's ovaries, go!
Quick question... for those of you who are taking / have taken soy and/or Clomid.. do you take the whole dose in one fell swoop or do you divide the dose throughout the day (ie one dose in AM and one in PM). I'm taking 100mg soy isoflavones and am wondering if i should take it all at once in the evening, or if i should take it throughout the day in divided doses. any thoughts?
rcr, that's interesting. you mean thigh as in your leg? isn't the body strange? i wonder if it's related to something hormone-wise that's going on at that point in the cycle. i think there's an estrogen rise right around then (someone correct me if i'm wrong about that). sweetbee, i'm going to go chart-stalk you now. can't wait to see your chart. to answer: I have been ovulating around day 14 or so, but i'm taking soy this cycle, so i'm not sure what to expect. I got so...
sweetbee, i was just chart-stalkin' you. I've still got my fingers crossed for you.
Apricot, that's exciting about your appointment. It feels nice to be proactive, doesn't it? Keep us posted. and thanks for your thoughts on soy.
CLH, I am so happy for you. I was just wondering about you since you hadn't posted for a while. You had a long haul of it and i'm so glad it's your time now. Have a wonderful pregnancy! Sending you good thoughts... now let's get the rest of us there!
Hi, Maurine and Miriam (and any other lurkers!) I've been following both of your stories and have my fingers crossed for you both. Miriam, i'm sorry things are so hard for you right now. that sounds really rough. Kyjamo (i'm just joking) I remember you too. hi there! MahnaMahna, i'm sorry. Are you doing ok? CD1 is such a hard day. thanks for the thoughts on soy. I think i'll give it a try this month. Apricot, if you have thoughts on it, i'd love to hear...
Thanks for the welcome, guys. and thank you, rcr, here is my chart sweet bee. I remember you too! I was just chart-lurking and that is one good lookin' chart. I've got my fingers crossed for you. thinking of the rest of you too. Hey, what do you all think of soy isoflavones? I'm not usually one to just pop a supplement, but from what i've been reading it may be worth a try for me. I had low estradiol levels the last time i tested (back in the spring via...
Can I join you ladies? I have been following you all for quite some time, but keep thinking it's going to happen for us and I haven't wanted to join and then promptly get pregnant (since I know exactly how hard that is to watch). Since I've been thinking that for months now, and i'm still not pregnant, I think it's time I finally speak up and introduce myself. This thread and the TTC after loss forum are the only places I really read these days, as it's just so...
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