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I'm 11 weeks and yup still puking every am and nauseous all flippin day long. :o(
Another vote for Concord Birth center. I have had 2 births w Kate Hartwell and she is awesome. Cindy is good too!
No name yet... http://tmvigneau.blogspot.com/2011/04/baby-girl_02.html    Kinda funny since it was an unplanned pregnancy too.. Jokes on us! And Im heartburn free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :o )
Im in the same boat. Last night I had painful contractions that were 2-5 min apart from 1 am to 430 am... They were so painful I couldn't lie down so I got up and cleaned the house in case it was the real deal...... at 430 I laid down and everything stopped..... :o( Im so darn uncomfortable and can barely take care of my toddler and preschooler... not to mention I am severly crabby. Need to have this kid already!
me too... Im 38 +5 days and still nursing my 17 m old about 3ish times a day. It hurts so bad and its so uncomfortable with him leaning/sitting on my stomach.. and yeah more recently has started giving me contractions. I wouldn't worry about it though.  My contractions always stop after the nursing stops.. looking forward to nursing pain free and having abundant milk again!
Cute as can be!!!!!!!!!!! Your crib is beautiful!!! I don't get to do a nursery this time... :o( We are in a tiny house ( 3 bedrooms ( tiny ones though) and are hopefully finding renters and moving in June. Baby will be with us and then eventually move in with my 4 year old dd. We don't even have a crib for this poor babe yet as my 17 month son is still in our crib. So not sure what we will do there. Maybe borrow my SIL's crib. I love seeing other peoples pics though
If its an consolation yes I am back to throwing up every single day. I was only throwing up once a week or so and now its daily and yeah I am still nauseous all day long too. Its great.... :o(
Okay... so how low is your all's iron??? I just got my tested at 34 weeks and 5 days and it was 10.5. I have never really had low iron before. We eat plenty of red meat and dary leafy vegs etc. Last pregnancy around the same time I was 10.7. Midwife said its because there is a huge increase in blood volume and the blood becomes sort of diluted so its common that its low but if its less than 10 you can't have a home birth. I hate taking suppliments of any kind. I dont even...
um yeah. I've been done since the day I started.. LOL. I love my babies but damn i hate pregnancy. Im almost 33 weeks. Still nauseous and puking... I get up to pee every 1-2 hours all night long. My hips ache, my tailbone aches yada yada. I can't even walk normally. And Im still nursing my 16 month old and so ready to not have boobs that kill every time he latches on. Yeah Im done! Thats an understatement!
This is our third ( second home birth ) I saved all the stuff from last time... towels, receiving blankets etc. All I need to do is make some frozen witch hazel pads and I am good to go. I washed all the stuff an  put it all in bags..
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