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I would and I have. I will not leave my 4yo with either of his siblings at this time, he is too impulsive and they are prone to fight with him. Part of our homeschool curriculum is learning personal responsibility, family responsibility and taking care of others.
It's going great with my 7yo, we're in the 60s and she is now reading other books, including scripture, with much more ease. My 4yo makes me do it with him, he just finished lesson 4 today. It's more of a struggle with him. I think he, personally, is just a shade too young for it.
Forget whether I would do it, doularn -- my kids would downright refuse. AF cramps are making me a beast. Need to start our school day, toodles!
Yikes, Eman's!
Eman's, I'm sorry, family can be so bizarre. Good luck with the PT. Crazy, good for you for getting rid of things! I'd love the waffle maker. Ours broke and the kids are sad; I'm too picky to just up and buy a new one. Weird, I know.
Ok, I tracked it down. Crazy cool!
I have two Radians if you want to try those out. Did you say you need to put three across? Did I miss an announcement, or am I misreading because I'm so. stinking. sleepy?
Very obnoxious of your MIL. I'm really sad this morning. It's a long story. Is the group meeting regularly to play, and is there a day that the older boys are not in school and meeting to play?
Hugs, Eman's. My J is more complicated than I thought a boy would be. He's all drama, all the time. A lot of it he gets from me -- I am a champion overreactor -- but most days it is HARD WORK to keep being patient with him.
Elm, there's a groomer at Candelaria and Eubank but I have no idea of their reputation. Slow month for posting, huh? Only 3 pages! Tanya, sorry re bodily fluids. Hope everyone is on the mend.
New Posts  All Forums: