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Wow. Cute
DH and I have a 2000 Echo. And two babies in the back. It is cozy, to say the least. But it has never ever broken down, is easy and cheap to maintain, and gets 40 miles a gallon. It has been extremely economical, which is why we drive it.
Honestly, they're both great and really well made. Go with whichever appeals to you the most, you won't regret either choice.
does anyone add kefir? ETA: Oh sorry, that's probably not raw. Just relooked at the thread title. Sorry.
subbing, thanks for the great ideas
I'm furiously taking notes here. I knew about several of these, but am glad to bolster my nutritional arsenal. With DS1, I got lazy with hydration and nutrition after a year of nursing and ended up with kidney stones and candida. Believe me, lesson learned. This stuff is important. Thanks everyone
also to the OP jerebo, who is the pediatrician you see that you are happy with?
I was just coming on here to ask for AP-friendly peds in Utah County, glad I saw this thread. Does anyone know if any of these doctors suggested above accept medicaid? I have had a disappointing experience at the clinic we've been going to so far and am worried that being on Medicaid will severely limit our options for good docs. Thanks everyone. Also, do naturopaths do immunizations? We do a delayed/alternative schedule so I need someone who will work with that.
Unfortunately Utah county doesn't have a ton of options, but there are some. I'm seeing the CNMs at New Beginnings in Orem, and have been quite pleased. They are all excellent and very experienced, and are supportive of my goals as far as having as much of a non-medicalized birth as possible. They only deliver at Orem Community Hospital though, which I'm okay with because it's smaller and not very busy and the nurses are good. Just google New Beginnings midwives and you'll...
this is too funny, I'd eat all the bacon from the fridge too. However, our local costco started carrying precooked bacon in a large package, and when I worked out the cost per pound compared to buying a traditional package of bacon, the costco bag was cheaper (the noncooked stuff is measured by weight, and a lot of the fat cooks out, so it's actually more expensive per slice. If I did my math right). Anyway I keep it in the freezer and pull out a few slices for meals...
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