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I am in Polk County, which is close to Hardee.  Where are you moving to?
We bought a stronger, larger crate last night, and he was so relcutant to get in, even with treats or with me in the crate.  He got so distressed that he urinated on the floor.  The crate is just too distressing for him; it's not ok for him.  So, any crating is out.    I ordered the books mentioned, and I'm hoping that we can glean some insight there.  We also have another appointment with the Vet. 
Starrlamia, thanks for the book suggestions.  He gets about 2 hours of walking and about 45 mins or so of romping, fetching, etc.    The vet intimated to us that this would be an extremely difficult thing to change and gave us suggestions to overcome his issues.  So far, we have tried leaving him in the house for very brief periods and reassuring him verbally from outside our house and consistently acting nonchalant when we come back into the house.   We are...
I echo your fears about the potential for entanglement with the trolley.  I hate it.  He's in the house with us all the time.  The only time he's on the trolley is when I go places I can't take him.  Otherwise he's with me 24-7; he even rides with me to pick up the boys from school.    Karen (our other dog) is crated.  She prefers it to being out when we are gone. We have tried leaving them both out together, and MJ gets out, but Karen stays in.  I haven't tried the...
Hello!  We adopted a dog about 18 months ago (a black lab mix, 10 years old) to be a playmate/companion for our younger dog (basenji mix).  His name is Mike Jones.  I love this dog, but in the last 5 months, he has become increasingly anxious when we leave him for even a short period of time (15 minutes or so).  In addition, he is EXTREMELY territorial with humans and other animals.  I have zero doubt that he would bite if challenged.    So far, he has...
Yes to the above.  It doesn't take anywhere near 4 hours to infuse.  Typically, it takes about 30 minutes.  During that time, we try to make the mother as comfortable as possible in terms of position.  We like her to stay as mobile as possible, if she desires that.  I've even carried the bag of infusing antibiotics around like a movable IV pole.  :)
A positive urine test denotes a high level of colonization with GBS.  In this case, most practitioners will, indeed, automatically treat.  They will likely not test you again at 36 weeks.  This is standard of care where I am.  Hope this helps you.
I'm a fan of not rushing it and not inducing VBACs.  Can your mom postpone her trip to you to take away some of the pressure?
I am so very sorry. Love and light.
I think that sometimes prolonged pushing phases can be attributed to a misunderstanding of when one starts 2nd stage.  Many women feel the urge to push, and do so in a gentle manner, for hours before 2nd stage (with expulsive pushes) truly begins.  Now, this doesn't matter at all--women don't care when second stage begins, usually; they only care about when it ends.  It's very important for midwives (and other attendants) to not focus too much on what the woman's body is...
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