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haha, that's awesome!! elijah ALMOST got from his back to his belly. the only thing that was holding him back was that bottom shoulder (the one he turns in to). he got his bottom half totally flipped over! i was by myself, and in total awe so could not pull myself away to get the camera, but he's gets on his side in a second and really tries to go all the way, so DH doesn't doubt that he almost made it. i know it doesn't mean that our kids are geniuses or...
what a tough kid! i hope next time you go for coffee or something, and not the nasty hospital stuff..
my dream/goal is a photojournal of his birth story with photos from the birth (there's a lot..) but i need to get around to writing it first. hopefully i haven't forgotten all of the little things..
oh, dang. i thought going to the grocery store by myself counted. DH just got back from getting me coffee- he took Eli with him. it was nice to be home alone for a minute, but it was just that- a short minute. my postpartum doula offered to come over and take him while i get out for an hour or so, but at this point (he's 4wks) i don't even know what i would do! i just got really inspired to get back on top of selling my work, so probably shop for supplies or go to...
so many boys! here's Elijah, a few days old and here he is at 3.5wks, taking his first bath with papa
Quote: Originally Posted by rhiOrion I got pregnant the very first time I ever had unprotected sex, so I'm assuming the diaphragm was working during those two months, though!
also, it's my understanding (per MW) that EBF means that they are fed primarily from the breast, and not pumped milk from a bottle? since you have to be EBFing to practice LAM, and it doesn't work if you routinely pump?
hey mama! i'm successfully nursing my 4wko, we were using a nipple shield from day 5 to about 2wks. i have mixed feelings. let me tell you what happened for us. at the hospital, they offered one to me within an hour or two after birth, didn't show us how to put it on right, even, so i was turned off. they also didn't teach us how to latch on well, so two days after i got home, i had scabby nipples. my LC showed us how to use one, which he was finally able to eat at...
i agree that you handled that awesomely- inspiration for handling any future run-ins with the BFing policia for me! good job on keeping your cool.
it's out of fashion right now, i guess, but it's the only thing that i'm comfortable with using, along with FAM. i'm wondering if anybody else is using the diaphragm or has experience, good or bad, with it. i'd just like to hear accounts of it from other women! TIA
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