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negative! just thought i'd share the nice news..
i'm glad y'all are close and have a great sense of humor. the reality check is good too, because while i'm sure it was in jest, part of you is probably secretly wishing that is WAS a sign of labor personally, i could use somebody telling me to relax and enjoy the time to myself. maybe that includes getting off the freakin' computer and getting outside?
what a weirdo i'm glad everything is going fine, though!
holy moly!! that baby looks like mama! good job!
i'm feeling equally as crazy, and due a day after you!! hang in there, sister
yes, what cristeen said!! hang in there, sweetheart. you're in all of our prayers.
that's so funny!! DH has been calling this guy his "little turtle". that's a great visualization, and i'm going to do it. keep me posted as to how your day goes. i hope we can both find the time and space to relax!
my mother seems to think i'm not lasting through the weekend, but i'm not placing any bets
WOAH! story of my life right now!! cleaning, trying to stay busy and not pay too much attn to 'oh, that one felt a little different..' or my mom calling every other hour but things are definitely happening, so it's hard not to think about it. cleaning helps, it gets things moving and i have a LOT more contractions when i get up and clean. i'm planning on getting out in the garden this afternoon, too, to transplant some perennials and harvest some herbs. maybe the...
i was planning on playing Nakai at my labor, but considering that i'm looking at having this one in the next two wks.. and i haven't ordered any cds yet.. urgh. you can find his stuff on youtube!
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