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hi caitlin!! i'm thrilled to see how much support you're getting here. i needed to read some of this stuff, too, bc of my GD and the size of the babe.. keep in touch!
ugh, that's the thing- i've figured that being as stress-free as possible was going to be the thing that helps the most, and life last night just got 1000x more stressful. and DH and i are having a hard time, and if i were a little baby i would not want to come out into this right now. soooooo agravating.
i had some ladies laugh at me about this without knowing the full story, so here goes- i need this little guy to come out in a week or two. i'm due the 29th. i have GD, so the longer i dance around my due date, the more nervouse everybody gets (but my glucose has been controlled and my growth is normal, i wish i could just tell everybody to relax). this is my first, and i KNOW that they tend to come later than expected, but things feel like they are getting ready...
i'm not unschooling (yet) but i'm in lincoln. we're expecting our first here in a few weeks and just started the discussion about alt. education last night. my DH is a teacher at a montessorri school, but we're discussing all the alternatives before we make a decision about spending that much money i'd love to connect with other specifically unschooling (rather than homeschooling) parents, to try to find a community? feel free to pm me!
ugh, sometimes it feels like you have to TRAIN them, no?
oh my goodness! i went in for my u/s and saw our little ones lil chunky face (this kid has the biggest lips EVER) that 3D stuff is a trip!! i kinda thought that maybe all babes kind of look the same (babies look like babies) so i went online and looked up pics of other babies around 35wks and realized that THIS KID LOOKS JUST LIKE US!! both his mama and papa had huge lips, huge eyes, huge cheeks. there are a few photos where it's unbelievably DH- he is sooo...
i'm not at home right now but i suggest looking in the book "Green Pharmacy". there's a lot of evidence based info in there and it may be able to help. maybe after i'm home i can look and get back to you about it..
UPDATE!! i started checking my glucose and didn't have a single high reading.. i agreed to go in for ONE u/s, with an OB i had never met. he came in, looked at me, asked how old i was (22), how much i weighed pre-pregnancy (123, i'm 147 now) and said that if i were his patient, he wouldn't have bothered with the screening : i asked him if i should keep monitoring things and he said, nawww so i'm done with that. he also suggested that i come back for another u/s in...
is this a secret club?
i am in the same club as cristeen- i haven't made a habit of it in years, so i'm DEFINITELY not doing it now. however, before, when i got funny looks about it, i didn't have nearly as good of an excuse
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