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I am currently taking it. I have horrid acid reflux, and I am missing a piece of my stomach that keeps acid from going up my throat. My doctor prescribed it to me after I ended up in the hospital more than once for not being able to keep any food or fluid down for over 24hr. So far I feel like it is helping. I am also on Zofran, and I also think it helps.
Why are there no due date clubs for May and June? Anyone know?   I keep checking back, and I keep being bummed out at the lack of one. :(
Did steps 1 & 2 :D
“I have signed up for the Newsletter, am following Lunapads on Twitter and/or Facebook, and am ready to take the Lunapads Challenge!”  And I have NOTHING to lose except those ugly awful disposable pads. :)
Hey! I also had no luck with Clomid. I am about to start my first round of injections too! Expect, I will be doin Gonal-F (same thing as Folistim, just different name and company). If you want, you can read about my beginnings on my blog! www.catchingeggs.com .
Thank you guys! I am going to get a blood test on Monday, and figure it one once and for all.   I just want it so bad to be a positive.
CUZ I DO!!!!!     http://www.canyouseealine.com/view_home_pregnancy_test.cfm?testID=9087   Please let me know what you think guys! I took like, 7 tests. \   Cheap Internet Tests: positive FRER: negative digital: negative
Sorry I have been so inactive!! Weekend Wrap-Up Name: First Shot Age: 20 TTC #: 1 CD: 17 DPO (if applicable): No idea. Althought I MIGHT have Oed today~ Testing: I have a blood test in a week for progesterone levels... Trying Since: 2008 Plan for this Cycle:This is my second try on 50mg, but my third cycle of Clomid... we shall see.. Link to Chart (if applicable): Thoughts: I think I might get super awful cramps and pains when I O...hrm
Can I please be added to the TTC #1 list? Name: First Shot Photo Age: 20 TTC #: 1 CD: 31 DPO (if applicable): I didn't ovulate this cycle =( Testing: Just got progesterone levels test back. I was on 100mg of Clomid this time and my levels were 0.8!! I had a level of 13 on 50mg, so I am going back to that dose. Trying Since: Feb 2009 Plan for this Cycle: Go back down to the 50mg of Clomid, and hope that my levels as are good as they were last time at 50mg. Link...
Welcome Jenger! Sorry about this cycle. =( Amanda, good luck on your first Clomid cycle!! I hope you have awesome results from it!
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