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I did a grain free traditional foods diet with my first starting when he was about 3 months old and I continued to have an over supply of milk well into his first year (I think around 10 months my milk started to be less abundant, but he had already started solids at 6 months).  I'm nursing DS2, who is currently 3 months and I've been doing low grain since he was about 1 month.  My milk seems quite sufficient, although I wouldn't say its an over supply this time.  He is...
yeah, good point.  i think that more reminders will help.  DH and I were talking more about this yesterday evening and we actually think he might be wanting to be more like his little brother...today has been better.  i'll see how things continue to go... thanks for your thoughts
So DS learned to use the potty just before he was turned two.  There was really minimal effort on me or DH's behalf, he mostly did it on his own.  So there wasn't a lot of pressure from us and definately no shaming when he had accidents or anything.   (Details of potty learning: Starting around the time he was 8 or 9 months whenever I was holding him and I had to go pee, I would take him into the bathroom with me and set him on his potty while I used mine.  Then over...
no full moon baby here! baby is still on the inside.  i think this kiddo is planning to be pretty punctual and arrive right on the due date, or just before
on the upswing here!  just a bit of a runny nose on DS...wishing the same to everyone else
thanks for sharing! beautiful, inspiring story!
our family just got hit with a round of colds too!  my mw says its pretty common for families and mamas to get sick right before birth.  she thought maybe it helps get the immune system primed for passing on immunity to baby...  i hope so, because otherwise it just makes me impatient that there's another thing that i have to wait to pass or get done with before i can relax and go into labor.
If I can just chime in here too, partridge berry, which can be made as a tea, is also a uterine tonic that is a bit stronger than RRL that can help with pph.  It was recommended to me as a pph preventative by the midwife I had for my first birth after a pph.
This is probably covered on the mega thread posted above, but RRL is high in calcium and minerals which can reduce pain associated with muscle contractions and in high enough doses, magnesium especially, can keep BH from happening (so I've heard from a MW I know).
Thanks for posting the PKU thread link BaileyB!  I've been thinking a lot about this decision so that was really helpful!
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