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I had a baby cocoon with DS and I used to put him in it when he was a newborn as an extra layer when I wore him in a maya wrap type sling.  I've recently read that you're not supposed to carry babies in the kind of carry I was using it for...they do make for cute pics though.
Just want to second the Dr. Sears recommendation.  I really liked "The Baby Book" last time around because it has so much basic information that's a great starting place for any issue and covers all stages of development from birth to age two.  It's all written from an attachment perspective.  It's a little bit more mainstream medical for my taste in some areas, but I still think it's worth it.  If you're not heavy into relying primarily on herbs/homeopathics and...
I would like to make costumes this year.  We haven't really done halloween yet because DS has been so young up until now.  But if I'm gonna be dressing him up I want to dress up the new baby and maybe even me too.  I don't think I could get DH on board with costumes.  I like the pickle idea, ours would be a goldfish.  Maybe that's a trickier costume....  I actually had a dream a couple of months ago about shopping for fabric for halloween costumes and I was doing a...
Pregnancy grinch! Brilliant.
Everyone has been genuinely excited or tactful enough to be polite, except the MIL who said "congratulations...i think."  but it seems she generally freaks about childbearing and we just know to give ourselves plenty of space from her.  i know I shouldn't take it personal because it's all her issues and DH and I and the rest of our family and close friends are thrilled.  it can just be so hard to keep it all in perspective.
Something that really helped my DS with toothbrushing is seeing his older friend who he really looks up to brush his teeth with no problems or fight.  We also talk about how his cousins and other friends brush teeth too and how he can do it like them and that seems to help.  We have had to use the pin down method, which I don't know that I would do on my own, but DH is SOOO adamant about the vital importance of dental hygeine... for the most part he's gotten better with...
Thanks for the tips.  I potty trained DS with some similar methods and it went surprisingly easy.  I've got another on the way though so I'm already thinking ahead!  I especially agree with number 5.
I've heard of a lot of success with getting kids to hang out on the potty by reading books while sitting there.  For me, the thing that really worked was me taking DS to the bathroom with me every time I went.  I set up his potty across from the toilet and would sit  him down on it (while he was still in diapers, so I put him down with his pants on and everything) while I used the toilet across from him.  Eventually I started taking his pants off too.  So it was kind of...
I felt a distinct shift around 12 weeks too, much more energy.  And the last few days I've barely even been nauseous.  Hooray for the second trimester!
Sorry to hear about UTI's and pelvic pains. Ugh. I've been having some SI joint pain, which I have never experienced before, but it seems pretty minor because I can just reposition and get relief pretty consistently....   water aerobics sounds amazing! i wish we lived closer to a pool!    
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