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I would not agree to do it based on what you wrote, that could cause a lot more issues like a domino effect.  Keep your relationship with the little guy a happy one, not a forced one.  I think the PP who said maybe once a month had a good idea.  
I found mine through word of mouth, using LLL members.  I would switch if they did not support breastfeeding or didn't know enough about intact patients or if I got parenting advice I did not ask for or strongly disagreed with (for instance CIO). Quote: http://kellymom.com/blog-post/milk-vs-formula-under-the-microscope/ Here is a picture.  
I have light ones.  My periods were extremely regular though over the years so didn't mess with charting.  Not sure if there is any effect on TTC. No harm in making an appointment sooner rather than later to discuss any concerns you may have.
I figured out how to nurse in the ergo, it wasn't pretty or hands free, still had to use both hands and my back was bent up and hurt.  I am hopeful when my baby gets bigger and can sit up on his own then maybe we can nurse in the ergo easily.
Found this interesting http://www.llli.org/docs/00000000000001_BT_PDF/bt4_10_txt_final.pdf
LilyTiger, I feel you on the pump situation.  It is so true the baby is way more efficient.  I am pleased as punch if I get even one whole ounce after an electric pumping session using both of them for over half and hour.  But my baby is very healthy so obviously is getting more than one ounce a feeding. There have been times when DS cluster feeds for hours and I have seen milk dribble out when he is all done so not sure I am ever really empty either.  I am not an...
I don't find it very effective and I tend towards not wanting a shot every single year of my life since I have autoimmune stuff going on.   Thanks, would appreciate any thoughts.  Risk benefit I guess.  The others I am considering I don't know enough about them yet, those are PC and HIB.  
That is great Boots!
I have more decisions to make over shots coming up soon Autoimmune stuff runs in our family and so do allergies.  We will be doing travel internationally, but not until baby is older.     I am not interested in the roto or flu shot.   I do want Dtap and MMR.  Two others I am making decisions about: PC and HIB I do want to do the chickenpox vaccine but not until a certain age, unsure of that age as of yet. Chickenpox was really bad for me. I do want to give...
Congrats on your new baby girl!   The baby is your best indicator of what is really in there.  My baby is way more efficient than any other sign.  I never needed breast pads either, I used them only to cover my nipples, helps since I used lanolin for nipple pain for a couple months and didn't want the lanolin to get on my clothes.     I cannot tell how much milk is in there except looking at diaper output and his weight gain.  In the beginning he ate frequently...
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